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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 246 pages.

Book Review

Pandora's Box

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

A teaching tale based on personal experience, Pandora’s Box is a sprawling novel that works to cover humanity’s major physical and spiritual developments. Alan Davis’s Pandora’s Box is a fantastical bildungsroman that elevates... Read More

Book Review

Stranded in the Wild

by Nancy Powell

"Stranded in the Wild" is an emotional coming-of-age adventure with a positive message. Gary Rodriguez’s "Stranded in the Wild" is a riveting, character-driven adventure that pits a diverse group of adolescents against the treachery of... Read More

Book Review

Adult Teeth

by Jeff Fleischer

The characters in Jeremy T. Wilson’s excellent short story collection "Adult Teeth" are all facing significant life changes, and the outcomes are consistently surprising, entertaining, and revealing. In “It Don’t Get No Better Than... Read More

Book Review

The Third Reich's Last Eagle

by Susan Waggoner

The book offers a convincing portrait of the daily life of fighter pilots during World War II. Can an individual who fought for Hitler’s war machine gain the admiration and respect of those who fought against him? This is the question... Read More

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