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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 239 pages.

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Crossing from one world to another is a trope of the memoir "Ghostbread", this year’s winner of Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Award for Creative Nonfiction. But Sonja Livingston is no mere tourist of the past; as... Read More

Book Review

Grace Period

Slam. Boom. Smacked back and nodding into eternity. Heavenly narcotic bliss. He was in the womb again home sweet home. This (probably) false memoir depicts prolonged addiction and one man’s sporadic quest to emerge complete. Despite an... Read More

Book Review

Imagining Ourselves

They’re the best educated, most professionally successful, internationally attuned generation of young women in history, and there are more than one billion of them living in 193 countries, speaking more than six thousand languages.... Read More

Book Review

A Witch's Notebook

by Carol Lynn Stewart

What if a well-known witch with more than twenty years of experience in witchcraft and more than fifty-three covens in her Clan allowed readers to take a peek inside her own personal notebooks, her own path, revealing what magic worked... Read More

Book Review

And This Our Life

by Whitney Hallberg

The trouble with happily ever after is that it doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. Jane Austen’s novels give readers the belief that after the months of complications and misunderstandings after the declarations and weddings her... Read More

Book Review

The Immigrant

by Lawrence Kane

In a plot that could have been drawn from recent headlines eleven-year-old Ignacio Narvaez’s family is ripped apart through an escalading series of disastrous events. Ignacio’s father seeking a better future for the family sneaks... Read More

Book Review

Another Messiah

by Robin Ireland

What if someone had the power to say one word and change the world? After the last presidential election Rawlings threw himself into writing a simple story about what would happen if a little girl in a wheelchair could do exactly that.... Read More

Book Review

Offbeat Food

by Ron Kaplan

Long before SPAM became a synonym for questionable e-mail, it was a synonym for questionable foodstuffs. Maybe that’s the link, since the name describes something that’s filling and of unknown quality. Offbeat Food contains hundreds... Read More

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