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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 231 pages.

Book Review

Until September

by Patty Comeau

Two men struggle with custody issues in this memorable story about moving toward self-acceptance. In "Until September", Chris Scully has composed the romantic, contemporary story of an unlikely pair of new parents. Archer Noble and his... Read More

Book Review

Insincerely Yours

by Chris Henning

Which one of us hasn’t imagined writing the “mother” of all letters … the one that makes it to the top of the heap and is not only noticed, but noticed now? Perpetual prankster and author Bernard Radfar goes one... Read More

Book Review

One Fine Season

by Dawn Goldsmith

This Christian-based story of grace love friendship and promises focuses on two perfect handsome and talented young athletes Danny and Pete. In their perfection the men never succumb to jealousy and devote themselves to the friendship... Read More

Book Review

The Anatomy of Peace

by Joe Taylor

This is the story of a life-changing weekend. A group of parents and guardians have dropped off their troubled teens at a Phoenix treatment center. While the kids are preparing for a sixty-day wilderness excursion, their parents have... Read More

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