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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 230 pages.

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Book Review

Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman

by Anna Call

Alongside a portrayal of mobsters clinging desperately to their masculinity, Yates reveals the nonsense of violence and revenge. The assassins: two hit men from North Carolina. The target: a Hoosier farmer named Yorkie Goodman. The... Read More

Book Review

Tales of the Master

by Kai White

Evocative, metaphorical prose delivers this story of a writer’s suicidal depression interrupted by a child and the haunting voice of ancient fables. In a single summer day in Sycamore, Iowa (pop. 897), Cole Seatstone, writer, father,... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Among his adventuresome friends, Minnow is perhaps the only boy who does not need to ask “Is it true?” of magical tales. He’s seen enough in his young life to be able to separate out the literary chaff from the truly wondrous. When... Read More

Book Review

The Peace of Blue

by Thomas BeVier

In one of Elizabeth Bishop’s poems, which Bill Belleville quotes, she wrote that Florida is “the state that floats in brackish water / held together by mangrove roots.” That sentiment serves to bolster one of his main points: that... Read More

Book Review

American Psalm, World Psalm

by Matt Sutherland

The Lord is my muse, I shall not want. Green pastures, still waters, paths of righteousness, walks through the valley of the shadow of death—Thou anointest my head with poetry; my pen runneth over. The biblical Psalms, in all their... Read More

Book Review

Clean to the Bone

by Jill Allen

Nuanced depictions of primary and secondary characters make the setting of a New York boarding school come alive. In the grand tradition of mysterious happenings at boarding schools, Jan Levine Thal’s Clean to the Bone, the first... Read More

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