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The Spiritual Being Within

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The Spiritual Being Within is accessible and informative as it proposes aligning with and nurturing spiritual powers.

Kate Perez’s heartfelt and encouraging The Spiritual Being Within suggests that human beings are, in truth, light beings and cocreators with the divine.

The text, which is warm and conversational, begins with explanations of the perceived physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies that make up human beings. It gives practical suggestions for nurturing and developing each such body. Inclusive in scope, it eschews religious dogma and challenges its audience to explore and investigate the spiritual realm for themselves. Pushing people to “question man-made belief systems and take responsibility,” the book argues against prayers and sacrifices designed to appease deities, calling such acts disempowering.

In discussing how children should be raised, the book suggests avoiding human-made belief systems, suggesting instead that as soon as a child reaches the age of reason, the conscience should take over. Its arguments that children should be taught to be “wise,” instead of “good,” are insightful, logical, and convincing; the text ties them to ideas of self-responsibility and the need to develop the capacity to evaluate and take a stand for one’s position without resorting to religious dogma.

Also compelling is its argument that all people are able to heal themselves and others by accessing their spiritual sides. The book’s positions on this topic and others, including the existence of multiple universes, the eternality of the soul, the purpose of past lives, and the power of thought are supported by selected spiritual teachings, including from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. The text also credits information channeled from Abraham, the studies of scientific determinists including Stephen Hawking, the work of Abraham Maslow, and lived experiences for its notions. There’s scope and depth to the material presented, though the discussion of the varied topics in the text itself is brief.

Encouragements toward meditation are supported with explanations of its benefits, including how it helps tap into healing energy, and its positive effects on human physiology. However, the book does not include instructions for specific techniques or styles of meditation. Despite its sometimes insightful observations, the text tends to be repetitive, and examples are included to excess. Errors in agreement, punctuation, and spelling are distracting. Statements are too often unclear, and some appear to be declaring the opposite of what was intended; this results in confusion and a slowed pace.

The Spiritual Being Within is accessible and informative as it proposes aligning with and nurturing the spiritual powers it declares to be inherent in all people.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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