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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 224 pages.

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

In 1920s Arkansas, two blues musicians run into trouble and tragedy in the graphic novel "Bluesman". Based on the real mechanics of being a blues musician in 1920s America, the book follows itinerant players as they travel from town to... Read More

Book Review

The Modern Hippie Table

by Rachel Jagareski

Boho chic and South Floridian, blogger Lauren Thomas’s "The Modern Hippie Table" dispenses recipes, advice, menus, and decorating ideas with her trademark “laid-back elegance.” Featuring comfort foods, easy dishes, memorable... Read More

Book Review

Tiezzi's Board

by Kristine Morris

Tiezzi’s Board is a sensitive novel about human relationships and the many ways that love can be expressed. In Ham Martin’s novel Tiezzi’s Board, a gifted yet frustrated woodcarver discovers a magnificent mahogany board whose dark... Read More

Book Review

Café Shira

by Michael Elias

In David Ehrlich’s contemporary novel "Café Shira", a literary coffee house located in the heart of Jerusalem becomes a temple for the patrons who frequent it. There are many people who regularly spend their time in Café Shira. They... Read More

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