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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 224 pages.

Book Review

Wild Nights Out

by Kristen Rabe

Chris Salisbury’s "Wild Nights Out" is a fun, inventive adventure guide about helping children explore nature after dark. This comprehensive handbook is loaded with activities and information to enrich children’s experiences of the... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Human beings have been obsessed with the color blue for thousands of years, and in "Blue", science journalist Kai Kupferschmidt travels the globe to discover why it has always been so special. Strange as it may seem, science is only... Read More

Book Review

Friends and Dark Shapes

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Kavita Bedford’s novel "Friends and Dark Shapes", a bereaved woman struggles to determine her place in the world. After her father’s death, a woman moves into a borderline questionable Sydney neighborhood with three housemates.... Read More

Book Review


by Brandee Gruener

"Denied" is a satisfying mystery novel whose detective, in pursuing a sympathetic case, learns more about herself and her family. In Mary Keliikoa’s mystery novel "Denied", a private investigator takes on a missing persons case while... Read More

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