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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 224 pages.

Book Review

Model City

by Matt Sutherland

North Korea fascinates a world bored with so many bland, decent-enough democracies. Cowered by the tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un, the nation’s 25 million citizens struggle to make do in a system that’s so handcuffed by sanctions, so... Read More

Book Review

Night Theater

by Tanisha Rule

In "Night Theater", a disgraced surgeon faces a long night as three visitors arrive at his clinic door, greeting him with a macabre and otherworldly request. Before sunrise, the surgeon will question everything he thought he knew about... Read More

Book Review

The Bear

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"The Bear" is a dreamy dispatch from the end of the world. In Andrew Krivak’s palimpsest novel, the reassertion of nature over the bones of human civilization is a dignified and regretless process. The girl and her father may very well... Read More

Book Review

What Goes Unseen

by Karen Rigby

In its absorbing passion for the weird and weirded out, "What Goes Unseen" is an entertaining short story collection. The seven stories of Sean Minster’s "What Goes Unseen" are inspired by philosophical speculations, folklore, and tall... Read More

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