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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 224 pages.

Book Review

Nothing to Declare

by Susan Waggoner

In Richard M. Ravin’s novel "Nothing to Declare", the bonds and boundaries of a friendship are tested by the swirling counterculture of the 1970s. When Jesse and Marty met in college, Jesse was an amiable, malleable art student; Marty... Read More

Book Review

Big Bad

by Wendy Hinman

Whitney Collins’s layered short story collection "Big Bad" concerns the dark impulses that lurk within. In the ingenious cautionary tale “Big Bad,” a woman gives birth to progressively wiser iterations of herself. In the... Read More

Book Review

Unicorn Island

by Karen Rigby

In Donna Galanti’s adventure novel "Unicorn Island", magical secrets and a family legacy inspire a twelve-year-old who’s far from home. Sam is capable, bright, and sensitive. Just as she’s about to celebrate the first anniversary... Read More

Book Review

Stoop City

by Elaine Chiew

Concentrated most in a pocket of downtown Toronto, Kristyn Dunnion’s short story collection "Stoop City" is poetic in addressing disaffected urbanites: vagabonds, the poor, strung-out people, and those marginalized by society because... Read More

Book Review

The Awakening

by John M. Murray

In the supernatural novel The Awakening, a New Orleans couple is placed in fresh mortal peril because of vampires. In Buffy M. Brinkley’s thrilling fantasy novel "The Awakening", a detective settles into domestic bliss before a series... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

At some exasperating point, every wine drinker faces a wine bottle in need of opening with no corkscrew at hand. It’s a pivotal moment because only when forced to use a screwdriver, fork, or one’s teeth to carry out an inventive... Read More

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