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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 224 pages.

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

André Alexis ruminates on romance and matrilineal legacies in his eloquent novel Ring, in which Torontonians’ lives are touched by a mysterious ritual. Fusing chance encounters with myth, poetry, and questions of faith and love, this... Read More

Book Review

In the Name of Emmett Till

by Wendy Hinman

"In the Name of Emmett Till" shares the inspiring history of Mississippi’s early civil rights activists. The book opens with a timeline of early civil rights events before it tells the stories of people who were spurred to action by... Read More

Book Review

Swallowed by a Whale

by Peter Dabbene

Established writers and beginners will find practical advice for their crafts and careers in "Swallowed by a Whale". Half of this fresh, exciting book consists of essays, poems, and illustrations, between which are compilations of... Read More

Book Review

With Pleasure

by Ashley Holstrom

A comforting book for anyone navigating the effects of trauma, August McLaughlin and Jamila Dawson’s "With Pleasure" is an inspiring guide to feeling good in one’s body. McLaughlin and Dawson are a sexuality journalist and a sex... Read More

Book Review

Under the Stars

by Rebecca Foster

“To walk at night” creates “a night twice lived,” Matt Gaw declares in "Under the Stars", which is structured around a series of night walks to delve into the science of the night sky. The pull of the moon is undeniable, Gaw... Read More

Book Review

Colliding Worlds

by Rebecca Foster

“Planets are born from the chaos of countless collisions,” Simone Marchi writes in "Colliding Worlds", which cites everything from lunar craters to gold seams as evidence of interplanetary impacts. Space rocks have not existed from... Read More

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