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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 220 pages.

Book Review

The Two-Plate Solution

by Rachel Jagareski

"The Two-Plate Solution" is a molten broth of comic, nonstop action from page one. The American TV show Natural Dish-aster is shooting in Israel, and producer Sara Sinek, a Special Forces veteran with a secret about her time embedded... Read More

Book Review

The Restless

by Rebecca Foster

In Gerty Dambury’s "The Restless", living and dead members of a Guadeloupe neighborhood recount the tragic aftermath of a deadly protest. The novel is inspired by real events and a shocking cover-up. On May 24, 1967, a union strike in... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"TimeTilter" breathes new life into standard genre elements. Sonia Ellis’s "TimeTilter" is an engaging, character-driven young adult adventure that sets a group of discarded teens against a ruthless corporation with shocking... Read More

Book Review

At the Great Door of Morning

by Matt Sutherland

Oh, you make it look so easy—everyday language, simple truths, no head-scratching allusions or hidden meaning—can you do this in your sleep, Mr. Hedin? Standing on your head? We know better, and stand in awe. With three National... Read More

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