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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 213 pages.

Book Review

Russian Roulette

by Annie Peters

This strong, unapologetic heroine brings an exciting twist to the Cold War thriller genre. "Russian Roulette" is E. E. Smith’s third novel in a series set during the Cold War in the 1950s. This series features Alexis Smith, a young... Read More

Book Review

Shake Terribly the Earth

by Matt Sutherland

Little did we know that Ohio University Press has a series of books on race, ethnicity, and gender in Appalachia. The latest, "Shake Terribly the Earth", is a tightly connected collection of essays from Sarah Beth Childers’s rural,... Read More

Book Review


by Monica Carter

McCarten’s stylish prose propels forward a narrative of one of the most enthralling stories of modern science. “You don’t make money from improving the world, you make it from its destruction,” Edison says to a young inventor.... Read More

Book Review

Life Force Mars

by Kenrick Vezina

Bert Tucker’s ambitions are obvious from the first pages of Life Force Mars: Creating a New Home for Mankind, a book that, in the author’s own words, “is not just a real science fictional story—it’s an illustration of how we... Read More

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