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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 200 pages.

Book Review

Brown Neon

by Rebecca Hussey

The essays of Raquel Gutiérrez’s "Brown Neon" mix personal writing with cultural history and criticism to explore race, gender, migration, and art in the southwestern US during the 45th presidency. “On Making Butch Family: An... Read More

Book Review

Only Pieces

by Kristine Morris

When Edgar was small, he and his father built puzzles together. Each piece had its own special place; if one small piece was missing, the puzzle would be forever incomplete. And in Edd Tello’s novel-in-verse "Only Pieces", Edgar’s... Read More

Book Review

Spirits in the Sky

by Rebecca Foster

"Spirits in the Sky" showcases photographer Paul Zizka’s stunning portraits of the aurora borealis in places including Banff National Park, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. The Northern Lights have long been the subject of Finnish and... Read More

Book Review

Mage of Fools

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Eugen Bacon’s novel "Mage of Fools", an African nation suffers the rule of a grotesque, inscrutable royal advisor. In Mafinga, everyone is equal: so say King Magu and his mystical adviser Atari, who rule from a sprawling palace... Read More

Book Review

Retaliation of the Cursed

by Matt Benzing

"Retaliation of the Cursed" is an engrossing comparative analysis of the histories of world religions. Stephen Arthur Martin Jr.’s religious history text "Retaliation of the Cursed" is an exhaustive exploration of world religions. The... Read More

Book Review

Under a Poacher’s Moon

by Matt Benzing

In the novel "Under a Poacher’s Moon", a woman facing an uncertain future undertakes an exciting adventure in the African bush. In W. Aaron Vandiver’s thought-provoking novel "Under a Poacher’s Moon", a divorced woman in her middle... Read More

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