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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 187 pages.

Book Review

And Then There Were Dragons

by Ho Lin

Amanda Grey has had a rough time. Possessed by demons, unintentionally unleashing the apocalypse, and losing her sister Petty twice (it’s a long story), Grey fought off the forces of evil and saved the world, but at the cost of her own... Read More

Book Review

A Clean Pair of Hands

by Melissa Wuske

Dialogue that bounces between characters like real-life conversation pulls readers into the heart of the action in this allegorical historical novel. "A Clean Pair of Hands" is Oscar Reynard’s cautionary novel about how societal ills... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Stumbling through the smothering haze of smoke, both figuratively and literally, the characters in this novel search for wholeness and clarity. Through the acrid haze of wildfires torching the American West, a young man’s search for... Read More

Book Review

Being Esther

by Leia Menlove

Esther Lustig, anti-Golden Girl and heroine of "Being Esther", is coping with senescence. Her children are dismissive. Her late husband haunts her. Her friends have died, deteriorated, or moved away. “She considers the infinite... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

Ballerina: A Novel in Fractals, Jimmy Esmaeli’s debut, tells the harrowing tale of Jennifer Bronson, from her teenage years through her early thirties, as she endures rape by her father, abuse by drug dealers, and poverty. Jennifer’s... Read More

Book Review

1927 A time travel novel.

by Lee Gooden

In 1927, Robert P. Fitton flawlessly combines the genres of romance, historical fiction, and science fiction, so it is a crime that he has allowed the story to be marred by deficient editing, including typos and missing words. Regardless... Read More

Book Review


I’ve often thought that the main reason Joseph worked was that it gave him the opportunity to show off his wardrobe. It sounds a little bizarre or even silly, but to my surprise, a few other people I’ve spoken to had independently... Read More

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