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Reviews of Books with 186 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 186 pages.

Book Review

Writ in Water

by Susan Waggoner

The accomplished biographical novel "Writ in Water" covers John Keats’s life with insight and understanding. James Sulzer’s elegiac novel "Writ in Water" begins as British poet John Keats dies at the age of twenty-five. Accompanied... Read More

Book Review

Girls Lost

by Kristen Rabe

Self-identity, status, and gender are at the core of Girls Lost, Jessica Schiefauer’s bold and compelling story in which three teenage girls who are social outcasts transcend boundaries by temporarily transforming into boys. Kim, the... Read More

Book Review

Finding Rose

by Geraldine Richards

"Finding Rose" is a didactic story about a family facing dementia that helpfully forwards specific coping skills for real-life caregivers. Angelia Brigance’s tender novel "Finding Rose" handles dementia with compassion and practicality... Read More

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