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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 169 pages.

Book Review

The Extinction Gene

Global warming triggered a gene that caused the dinosaur extinction 60 million years ago, according to Nobel Prize winner Walter Perriman’s gene research. When Perriman finds that the same gene has been triggered again and is now... Read More

Book Review

"My Madness Saved Me"

London’s famed Speakers’ Corner, soapbox plinth to generations of agitators and cranks, is a stone’s throw from Bloomsbury, an address so indelibly part of Virginia Woolf iconography that it could qualify for National Trust status.... Read More

Book Review

The Gentle Greeting

by Lynn Brach

Not so long ago, anyone perusing the shelves of a bookstore would have noted a philosophical split in available information on pregnancy and childbirth. Few, if any, books offered by traditional medicine practitioners mentioned both the... Read More