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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 140 pages.

Book Review

Inside Me

by Mari Carlson

In the inspiring novel "Inside Me", a woman’s future happiness is dependent on her ability to reconcile herself to her troubled past. Based in truth, Zoe Hethershaw’s novel "Inside Me" is about a father’s influence on his... Read More

Book Review

Just Maria

by Ashley Holstrom

In Jay Hardwig’s sweet novel "Just Maria", a blind twelve-year-old girl wants to be known for what she does, not by the fact of her disability. Maria was born with tumors in her retinas; she’s never experienced sight. She has a cane... Read More

Book Review

Ciscoe's Dance

by Katerie Prior

In the lively fantasy novel Ciscoe’s Dance, an ornate and exciting world is introduced. In Marion Hill’s vibrant fantasy novel Ciscoe’s Dance, professional dancers navigate a shifting world and seek to change the public perception... Read More

Book Review

Build Back Better

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Build Back Better" is a useful overview of President Joe Biden’s first months in office. In her political science book "Build Back Better", political strategist Kelly Hyman compares President Biden’s campaign promises with his... Read More

Book Review

Culture of One

by Mari Carlson

"Culture of One" is a demanding work of interactive religious exploration. In "Culture of One", John Ralph Tuccitto argues God’s truth as an ironic evangelist. The book begins with a quiz—an exercise that introduces its interactive... Read More

Book Review

Slow-Cooked Thoughts

by Emily Webber

The eclectic entries of "Slow-Cooked Thoughts" prompt inquiry related to the value of art and the importance of maintaining respect for the natural world. "Slow-Cooked Thoughts" compiles Rohan de Soysa’s articles, lectures,... Read More

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