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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 132 pages.

Book Review

Full Circle

by Peter Dabbene

With knowing nods to classic Sherlock Holmes stories, "Full Circle" is a fun, fascinating Victorian-era novella. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Irene Adler fight for their survival as fictional creations born from the mind of Sir... Read More

Book Review

Flying Fillies

by Carolina Ciucci

A girl with big dreams encounters women pilots and witnesses cultural roadblocks to progress during World War II in the illuminating historical novel "Flying Fillies". In Christy Hui’s powerful historical novel "Flying Fillies", a girl... Read More

Book Review

Finding Me

by Carol Booton

The memoir "Finding Me" includes accounts of hardship, hope, and success that work toward a spiritual affirmation. Inocencia Tupas Malunes’s uplifting memoir "Finding Me" concerns her support of her far-flung family and how she... Read More

Book Review

Sports Page

by Matt Sutherland

Turn backhand flips and sand wedges into polished gemstones of wit, and such fun, that we doubted you could pull it off, poet. The author of eleven collections of poetry, fiddler Ken Waldman also has nine original CDs to be proud of,... Read More

Book Review

The God That I Know

by Jeremiah Rood

The poems of "The God That I Know" function as a personal testimony about Jesus. John Rogers’s passionate poetry book "The God That I Know" draws inspiration from the biblical psalms to impart hope. The book’s seventy-five poems,... Read More

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