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Book Review


by Carol Davala

"Rabbi-Pyt" is an entertaining children’s book with a positive premise. In Galina Fidler’s inviting children’s picture book "Rabbi-Pyt", an unlikely friendship develops between a rabbit and a python. They work together to solve a... Read More

Book Review

7 in 7

by Felicia Topp

"7 in 7" is a revealing, entertaining, and inspiring travel memoir. Sven Michael Davison is on a journey in his memoir "7 in 7", and he promises an array of adventures for those willing to travel along. An exciting, diverse, and... Read More

Book Review

Primary Anomaly

by John M. Murray

"Primary Anomaly" serves as a strong introduction to the world of Fables of Nevertime, with interesting world-building, character-driven action, and secrets left to discover. Peter Sonntag’s explosive science fiction adventure "Primary... Read More

Book Review

The Gold Shaper

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Gold Shaper" is a fast-paced, exciting coming-of-age story about identity and the search for a deeper purpose. The second novel in a trilogy, Philip Atlas Clausen’s "The Gold Shaper" puts a twist on the western genre by pairing a... Read More

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