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Book Review

An Abled Life

by Claire Foster

"An Abled Life" is an excellent, timely memoir about a lifelong illness, its consequences, and growing up with a disability in America’s golden era. The polio vaccine was patented in 1955. Eleven years earlier, Thomas C. Wilczewski was... Read More

Book Review

Take a Hike!

by Laura Leavitt

"Take a Hike!" contains engaging and educational poems that deliver appealing lessons about language. Brett Fleishman’s "Take a Hike!" is an age-appropriate compilation of humorous poems that build off of puns and idioms to entertain... Read More

Book Review

Toilet Trouble

by Rebecca Monterusso

A great companion for early readers, "Toilet Trouble" will make its audience want to practice rhymes. Brett Fleishman’s poems in "Toilet Trouble" are aimed at inspiring laughter through silly concepts as their audience learns to read.... Read More

Book Review

Girl Town

by Mya Alexice

Carolyn Nowak’s "Girl Town" is an intriguing, masterful celebration of girls and girlhood that honors young women of every shape, color, and identity with spellbinding, vivid art. Five self-contained comics utilize Nowak’s charming,... Read More

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