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Book Review

Rebels against Tyranny

by Benjamin Welton

Rebels Against Tyranny is excellent when it comes to its deep historical details. Helen P. Schrader’s historical novel, Rebels Against Tyranny, is a feast for the eyes and mind. The story is set during the heady days of the Sixth... Read More

Book Review

A Network Exposed

by John M. Murray

"A Network Exposed" is a slow-moving but engaging cops-versus-criminals epic. Bo Wagoner’s ambitious police procedural thriller, A Network Exposed: The Line Between Badges, finds a small group of law enforcement officers fighting a... Read More

Book Review

Charlie's Kid

by Mari Carlson

Honest and unvarnished, Charlie’s Kid is a story in the best sense of the word, pulsing with lessons born from difficult experiences and told out of love, not for glory. From sea to shining sea, and from crushing to smile-inducing,... Read More

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