Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2015 Foreword INDIES Winners

Adult Fiction

Gold: On the Clock (978-1-62649-327-8) by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov, Riptide Publishing
Silver: Kneel, Mr. President (978-1-61923-044-6) by Lauren Gallagher, Samhain Publishing
Bronze: The Muse (978-1-62639-223-6) by Meghan O'Brien, Bold Strokes Books
Gold: Dreamthief (978-1-63422-077-4) by Tamara Grantham, Crimson Tree Publishing
Silver: The Girl on the Swing and At Night in Crumbling Voices (978-1-877655-86-9) by Peter Grandbois, Wordcraft of Oregon
Bronze: Mythborn 2 (978-0-9850620-2-6) by V. Lakshman, Amazon Digital Services
Honorable Mention: The Midnight Land (978-1-5188-3949-8) by E.P. Clark, CreateSpace
Gold: Paul Bunyan (978-917637017-9) by Darryl Wimberley, Wisehouse Imprint: L'Aleph
Silver: Buckminster's Ball (978-1-5085-1420-6) by J. A. Zaremski, CreateSpace
Bronze: Cascade Falls (978-1-940207-37-7) by Bruce Ferber, Rare Bird Books
Honorable Mention: How to Grow an Addict (978-1-63152-991-7) by J. A. Wright, She Writes Press
Gold: Up the Hill to Home (978-1-62720-039-4) by Jennifer Bort Yacovissi, Apprentice House Press
Silver: The Island of Worthy Boys (978-1-63152-001-3) by Connie Hertzberg Mayo, She Writes Press
Bronze: Even in Darkness (978-1-63152-956-6) by Barbara Stark-Nemon, She Writes Press
Honorable Mention: The Cult (978-0-9909194-0-7) by Richard Devlin, Undercroft Books
Gold: Monsterland (978-1-5171-8067-6) by Michael Phillip Cash, Chelshire Inc.
Silver: The Ordinary (978-0-9931639-7-5) by Christopher Ritchie, GB
Bronze: The Torment of Rachel Ames (978-0-9899461-8-6) by Jeff Gunhus, Seven Guns Press
Honorable Mention: The Haunted Tropics (978-976-640551-9) by Martin Munro (editor), University of West Indies Press
Gold: Cascade Falls (978-1-940207-37-7) by Bruce Ferber, Rare Bird Books
Silver: Do Not Resuscitate (978-0-9908247-3-2) by Nicholas Ponticello, Self-Published, Nicholas Ponticello
Bronze: Doc's Codicil (978-1-939371-83-6) by Gary F. Jones, BQB Publishing
Honorable Mention: Raising Aphrodite (978-1-57966-104-5) by Kirk Curnutt, River City Publishing
Gold: A Delicate Dance (978-0-692-56952-8) by Austin Gary, Deckle Press
Silver: The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter (978-1-61773-794-7) by Tom Mendicino, Kensington Publishing Corp
Bronze: Brothers (978-1-62639-538-1) by Ralph Josiah Bardsley, Bold Strokes Books
Honorable Mention: Small Wonders (978-1-941530-45-0) by Courtney Lux, Interlude Press
Gold: Even in Darkness (978-1-63152-956-6) by Barbara Stark-Nemon, She Writes Press
Silver: The Sorrow Proper (978-1-938103-00-1) by Lindsey Drager, Dzanc Books
Bronze: A Theory of Expanded Love (978-1-61153-131-2) by Caitlin Hicks, Light Messages
Bronze: The Sea Beach Line (978-1-941493-08-3) by Ben Nadler, Fig Tree Books
Honorable Mention: Lily Harp (978-1-60226-015-3) by Stacy Barton, WordFarm
Gold: Dreams of Maryam Tair (978-1-56656-091-7) by Mhani Alaoui, Interlink Publishing
Silver: A Banner of Love (978-1-4917-7303-1) by Josephine Garner, iUniverse
Bronze: The Cherokee Rose (978-0-89587-635-5) by Tiya Miles, John F. Blair Publisher
Honorable Mention: The Truth About Awiti (978-0-692-28773-6) by CP Patrick, Field Order Press
Gold: Do Not Assume (978-1-63192-429-3) by Elaine Williams Crockett, BookBaby
Silver: Crossed (978-1-62639-377-6) by Meredith Doench, Bold Strokes Books
Bronze: Desert City Diva (978-0-7278-8548-7) by Corey Lynn Fayman, Severn House
Honorable Mention: For You Were Strangers (978-0-9890535-9-4) by D.M. Pirrone, Allium Press of Chicago
Gold: Mercy's Rain (978-0-8254-4361-9) by Cindy K. Sproles, Kregel Publications
Silver: Gabriel's Daughters (978-1-939967-19-0) by Janet Kay Jensen, Jolly Fish Press
Bronze: Until Shiloh Comes (978-0-9863244-0-6) by Karl A. Bacon, Historical Chronicles Press
Honorable Mention: Dreams of My Mothers (978-0-9895277-8-1) by Joel L. A. Peterson, Huff Publishing Associates
Gold: Love, Alba (978-1-935914-47-1) by Sophy Burnham, River Sanctuary
Silver: Impulse (978-0-9912517-3-5) by E. B. Walters, Firetrail Publishing
Bronze: As the Poppies Bloomed (978-0-9911241-0-7) by Maral Boyadjian, Salor Press
Honorable Mention: Hooked (978-0-692-27427-9) by Allen Wolf, Morning Star Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Magic of Cape Disappointment (978-1-5150-9788-4) by Julie Manthey, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Science Fiction
Gold: Dark Matters (978-0-9969375-2-8) by Michael Dow, 128 Publishing
Silver: Under Strange Suns (978-1-60619-344-0) by Ken Lizzi, Twilight Times Books
Bronze: Chaos Theory (978-0-9887049-5-4) by Colin Robertson, Gin & Tonic Press
Honorable Mention: In Absence of Fear (978-0-9968243-0-9) by Celeste Chaney, Corner Canyon Press
Short Stories
Gold: How to Carry Bigfoot Home (978-1-59709-301-9) by Chris Tarry, Red Hen Press
Silver: Acquainted with Squalor (978-1-937316-15-0) by Nath Jones, Life List Press
Bronze: What's Left Out (978-1-60635-233-5) by Jay Baruch, Kent State University Press
Honorable Mention: Duck Thief (978-1-935754-64-0) by David Langlinais, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press
Honorable Mention: Hurry Please I Want to Know (978-1-936747-95-5) by Paul Griner, Sarabande Books
Thriller & Suspense
Gold: Method 15/33 (978-1-60809-145-4) by Shannon Kirk, Oceanview Publishing
Silver: The Conciliators (978-0-9897571-3-3) by James J. Kaufman, Downstream Publishing
Bronze: The Comfort of Black (978-1-60809-129-4) by Carter Wilson, Oceanview Publishing
Honorable Mention: Blind Thrust (978-1-943593-04-0) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
War & Military
Gold: Contrary Warriors (978-1-890357-52-8) by Sheryl Wright, Florida Academic Press
Silver: The Tide of War (978-1-62649-265-3) by Lori A. Witt, Riptide Publishing
Bronze: A Long Way Back (978-0-9761927-5-6) by J. Everett Prewitt, Northland Publishing Company
Honorable Mention: The Other Side of Life (978-0-9965595-0-8) by Andy Kutler, Neverland Publishing Company

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Gold: Hiking through History (978-1-889386-94-2) by Leanna Joyner, Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Silver: Campfire Cookbook (978-1-62686-461-0) by Don Philpott and Pam Philpott, Thunder Bay Press
Bronze: Pilgrim Wheels (978-0-9826391-2-2) by Neil Hanson, Erin Willard (editor), Ann Weinstock (designer), and Kristen Weber (designer), High Prairie Press
Honorable Mention: The Finest Line (978-1-60887-409-5) by Rusty Long, Insight Editions
Honorable Mention: The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs (978-1-61519-241-0) by Tristan Gooley, The Experiment Publishing
Gold: Maya Lin: Topologies (978-0-8478-4609-2) by Maya Lin, Rizzoli New York
Silver: Bridges of Paris (978-1-928595-50-2) by Michael Saint James, Citron Bay Press
Bronze: Yamasaki in Detroit (978-0-8143-4119-3) by John Gallagher, Wayne State University Press
Honorable Mention: Super House (978-0-9657926-3-9) by Donald R. Wulfinghoff, Energy Institute Press
Gold: Kongo (978-1-58839-575-7) by Alisa LaGamma, Josiah Blackmore (contributor), Christine Giuntini (contributor), James Green (contributor), Ellen G. Howe (contributor), Phyllis M. Martin (contributor), Adriana Rizzo (contributor), John K. Thornton (contributor), and Kristen Windmuller-Luna (contributor), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Silver: Sultans of Deccan India, 1500–1700 (978-0-300-21110-8) by Navina Najat Haidar and Marika Sardar, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bronze: El Taller de Gráfica Popular: Vida y Arte (978-0-915977-89-5) by Deborah Caplow, Helga Prignitz-Poda, Elizabeth Kathleen Mitchell, Arturo Garcia Bustos, Pablo Mendez, and Michael T. Ricker, Georgia Museum of Art
Honorable Mention: African Art in the Barnes Foundation (978-0-8478-4521-7) by Christa Clarke (editor), Skira Rizzoli
Autobiography & Memoir
Gold: Hidden Inheritance (978-1-63088-124-5) by Heidi B. Neumark, Abingdon Press
Silver: Witness to Change (978-0-89587-655-3) by Sybil Haydel Morial, John F. Blair, Publisher
Bronze: The Girls of Usually (978-1-61248-136-4) by Lori Horvitz, Truman State University Press
Honorable Mention: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me (978-1-61519-253-3) by Jennifer Teege and Nikola Sellmair, The Experiment
Gold: Young Jane Austen (978-1-939288-90-5) by Lisa Pliscou and Massimo Mongiardo (illustrator), Wyatt-MacKenzie
Silver: Joe (978-0-8061-4703-1) by Lee Spencer White, Ron J Jackson Jr., and Phil Collins, University of Oklahoma Press
Bronze: Living Large (978-0-9679268-8-9) by Joseph P. Eckhardt, WoodstockArts
Honorable Mention: John Bartlow Martin (978-0-253-01614-0) by Ray E. Boomhower, Indiana University Press
Honorable Mention: Pauline Frederich Reporting (978-1-61234-677-9) by Marilyn S. Greenwald, Potomac Books
Body, Mind & Spirit
Gold: Embracing the Body (978-0-8308-3593-5) by Tara M. Owens, Intervarsity Press
Silver: The Beacon of Mind (978-0-9868769-6-7) by Andrea Blackie (editor) and John H Spencer, PhD (editor), Param Media
Bronze: Living Tao (978-1-935127-83-3) by Ilchi Lee, Best Life Media
Honorable Mention: Pilgrim Wheels (978-0-9826391-2-2) by Neil Hanson, Erin Willard (editor), Ann Weinstock (designer), and Kristen Weber (designer), High Prairie Press
Business & Economics
Gold: Meetings Matter (978-0-943097-14-5) by Paul Axtell, Jackson Creek Press
Silver: Your Own Terms (978-0-8144-3602-8) by Yasmin Davidds, Psy.D. and Ann Bidou, AMACOM/American Management Association
Bronze: On Fire at Work (978-0-7684-0816-4) by Eric Chester, Sound Wisdom
Honorable Mention: Hidden Solutions All Around You (978-0-9914564-0-6) by Daniel R. Castro, Beartooth Press
Gold: Got Your Attention? (978-1-62656-250-9) by Sam Horn, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Silver: Creating Your First Resume (978-0-9861421-0-9) by Kathryn Troutman and Paulina Chen, Federal Career Training Institute
Bronze: Your Own Terms (978-0-8144-3602-8) by Yasmin Davidds, Psy.D. and Ann Bidou, AMACOM/American Management Association
Honorable Mention: Shifting Gears To Your Career Working Online (978-0-9845136-5-9) by Carolee Duckworth and Marie Langworthy, New Cabady Press
Gold: The Norske Nook Book of Pies and Other Recipes (978-0-299-30430-0) by Jerry Bechard and Cindee Borton-Parker, University of Wisconsin Press
Silver: The New Nordic (978-1-74270-879-9) by Simon Bajada, Hardie Grant
Bronze: The United States of Pizza (978-0-7893-2944-8) by Craig Priebe, Rizzoli New York
Honorable Mention: Enchiladas (978-1-59534-751-0) by Cappy Lawton and Chris Waters Dunn, Trinity University Press
Crafts & Hobbies
Gold: Beginner's Guide to Quiltmaking (978-1-935726-72-2) by Jeri Simon, Landauer Publishing
Silver: The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook (978-1-61243-484-1) by Bethany Robertson, Ulysses Press
Bronze: Adult Coloring Book: Color Yourself to Calmness (978-1-78249-324-2) by Sue Coccia (illustrator), Ryland Peters & Small + CICO Books
Honorable Mention: The Cannabis Encyclopedia (978-1-878823-34-2) by Jorge Cervantes, Van Patten Publishing
Ecology & Environment
Gold: The Sustainability Secret (978-1-60887-657-0) by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, EarthAware Editions
Silver: Ocean Country (978-1-58394-960-3) by Liz Cunningham, North Atlantic Books
Bronze: The Grand River: Dundalk to Lake Erie (978-0-88984-381-3) by Gerard Brender à Brandis and Marianne Brandis (contributor), The Porcupine’s Quill
Honorable Mention: Back to the Wild (978-1-934170-58-8) by Alain Saury, Process Media
Gold: Teaching from the Heart of Mindfulness (978-0-9960872-7-8) by Lauren Alderfer and Tenzin Gyatso Dalai Lama His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama (contributor), Green Writers Press
Silver: Excited to Learn (978-1-4522-5953-6) by Margery B. Ginsberg, Corwin Press
Bronze: Weaving a Malawi Sunrise (978-1-77212-086-8) by Roberta Laurie, University of Alberta Press
Honorable Mention: An Improbable School (978-1-5114-5478-0) by Liz Seubert and Paul Tweed, Lead the Path
Gold: After Montaigne (978-0-8203-4815-5) by David Lazar (editor) and Patrick Madden (editor), University of Georgia Press
Silver: The Forgiveness Project (978-1-84905-566-6) by Marina Cantacuzino, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Bronze: World Monuments (978-0-8478-4681-8) by Andre Aciman, Anne Applebaum, William Dalrymple, Justin Davidson, and Fernanda Eberstadt, Rizzoli New York
Honorable Mention: Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia (978-0-9904106-1-4) by Marija Bulatovic, SOL
Family & Relationships
Gold: Walking Distance (978-1-61186-186-0) by David Hlavsa, Michigan State University Press
Silver: The Loneliness Cure (978-1-4405-8209-7) by Kory Floyd, Adams Media
Bronze: Worthy (978-0-87417-968-2) by Denice Turner, University of Nevada Press
Honorable Mention: Stop the Fight! (978-1-61519-280-9) by Michelle Brody, The Experiment
Gold: From Genocide to Generosity (978-1-78368-883-8) by John Steward, Langham Global Library
Silver: We Get It (978-1-84905-752-3) by Heather L. Servaty-Seib and David C. Fajgenbaum, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Bronze: A Faithful Farewell (978-0-8028-7260-9) by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Honorable Mention: Yoga for Grief and Loss (978-1-84819-204-1) by Karla Helbert, Singing Dragon
Gold: Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off! (978-0-9963102-0-8) by Lisa Tillinger Johansen, J. Murray Press
Silver: Yoga at Home (978-0-7893-2943-1) by Linda Sparrowe, Rizzoli
Bronze: Waking Up Dry (978-1-58110-906-1) by Howard J. Bennett, American Academy of Pediatrics
Honorable Mention: Sleep Secrets (978-1-5172-7577-8) by Ronald M Bazar, CreateSpace
Gold: Exodus! (978-976-640503-8) by Giulia Bonacci, University of West Indies Press
Silver: On Stalin’s Team (978-0-691-14533-4) by Sheila Fitzpatrick, Princeton University Press
Bronze: At Home in the Revolution (978-1-908996-74-9) by Lucy McDiarmid, Royal Irish Academy
Honorable Mention: Junipero Serra: California, Indians, and the Transformation of a Missionary (978-0-8061-4868-7) by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz, University of Oklahoma Press
Home & Garden
Gold: The Cannabis Encyclopedia (978-1-878823-34-2) by Jorge Cervantes, Van Patten Publishing
Silver: Super House (978-0-9657926-3-9) by Donald R. Wulfinghoff, Energy Institute Press
Bronze: Monochrome Home (978-1-84975-613-6) by Hilary Robertson and Pia Ulin (photographer), Ryland Peters & Small + CICO Books
Honorable Mention: Why Grow Here (978-1-77212-048-6) by Kathryn Chase Merrett, University of Alberta Press
Gold: Figure Fantasy (978-1-60887-551-1) by Daniel Picard, Insight Editions
Silver: Science of Parenthood (978-1-63152-947-4) by Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler, She Writes Press
Bronze: Harebrained (978-0-692-41673-0) by Meg Myers Morgan and Jim M. Morgan (editor), Gem Publishing
Honorable Mention: Uncle John's FACTASTIC Bathroom Reader (978-1-62686-426-9) by Bathroom Readers Institute (editor), Portable Press
Gold: Marie Equi (978-0-87071-595-2) by Michael Helquist, Oregon State University Press
Silver: Living Large (978-0-9679268-8-9) by Joseph P. Eckhardt, WoodstockArts
Bronze: Sane Enough (978-0-9863883-0-9) by Linda A. Day, Crossvine Press
Honorable Mention: The Way of Tenderness (978-1-61429-125-1) by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Wisdom Publications
Gold: Our Sea Turtles (978-1-56164-736-1) by Blair Witherington and Dawn Witherington, Pineapple press
Silver: Grizzly: The Bears of Greater Yellowstone (978-0-7893-2949-3) by Todd Wilkinson and Thomas D. Mangelsen (photographer), Rizzoli New York
Bronze: Birth, Death, and a Tractor (978-1-60893-411-9) by Kelly Payson-Roopchand, Down East Books
Honorable Mention: Life-Size Birds (978-1-62686-439-9) by Nancy J. Hajeski, Thunder Bay Press
Performing Arts & Music
Gold: Shoot the Conductor (978-1-57441-613-8) by Anshel Brusilow and Robin Underdahl, University of North Texas Press
Silver: Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964 (978-0-8478-4503-3) by Chris Murray, Rizzoli New York
Bronze: Musical Instruments (978-1-58839-562-7) by J. Kenneth Moore, Jayson Kerr Dobney, and E. Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Honorable Mention: White Robes, Silver Screens (978-0-253-01843-4) by Tom Rice, Indiana University Press
Gold: My Old Dog (978-1-60868-340-6) by Laura T. Coffey and Lori Fusaro (photographer), New World Library
Silver: Catahoula (978-1-935754-71-8) by John Slaughter, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press
Bronze: Dogged Optimism (978-0-9942098-3-2) by Belinda Pollard, Small Blue Dog Publishing
Honorable Mention: Thanks for Picking Up My Poop (978-1-61243-495-7) by Mark Rogers, Ulysses Press
Gold: Respecting Truth (978-1-138-88881-4) by Lee McIntyre, Routledge
Silver: Sport Philosophy Now (978-1-4422-6065-8) by Matthew James McNees, Christen Karniski (editor), and Jim Deese (photographer), Rowman & Littlefield
Bronze: A Brief Discussion On Fairness Analysis (978-1-4787-5369-8) by Rongqing Dai, Outskirts Press
Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction: Cuba (978-1-60887-674-7) by Brian Andreas and Lorne Resnick (author, photographer), Insight Editions
Gold: Landscapes for the People (978-0-8203-4841-4) by Ren and Helen Davis, University of Georgia Press
Silver: Todd and Brad Reed's Michigan (978-1-4951-5213-9) by Todd and Brad Reed, Todd and Brad Reed Photography
Bronze: The Photographing Tourist (978-0-9965239-0-5) by David Noyes (author, photographer), D.F. Noyes Studios
Honorable Mention: The Phone Book (978-0-7643-4988-1) by Robert Herman and Mary Ann Lynch, Schiffer
Gold: Bastards of the Reagan Era (978-1-935536-65-9) by Reginald Dwayne Betts, Four Way Books
Silver: Many Small Fires (978-1-62557-918-8) by Charlotte Pence, Black Lawrence Press
Bronze: The Essential Travis Lane (978-0-88984-388-2) by Travis Lane and Shane Neilson (editor), Porcupine's Quill
Honorable Mention: Salt Moon (978-0-8093-3387-5) by Noel Crook, SIUPress
Honorable Mention: Weweni (978-0-8143-4038-7) by Margaret Noodin, Wayne State University Press
Political Science
Gold: The Senator from New England (978-1-4384-5703-1) by Sean J. Savage, SUNY Press
Silver: The Snowden Reader (978-0-253-01737-6) by David P. Fidler (editor), Indiana University Press
Bronze: Children of the Broken Treaty (978-0-88977-401-8) by Charlie Angus, University of Regina Press
Honorable Mention: YIELD FOR ONCOMING GREATNESS (978-0-9962100-2-7) by Matt N Tabrizi, Lindsey Alexander (editor), BNGO Books (designer), and Tom Parks (narrator), Thinking Hat Press
Popular Culture
Gold: China (978-0-300-21112-2) by Andrew Bolton, Platon (photographer), John Galliano (contributor), Adam Geczy (contributor), Maxwell K. Hearn (contributor), Homay King (contributor), Harold Koda (contributor), Mei Mei Rado (contributor), and Wong Kar Wai (contributor), The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Silver: Ghostbusters (978-1-60887-510-8) by Daniel Wallace, Insight Editions
Bronze: Star Trek: Costumes (978-1-60887-518-4) by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, Insight Editions
Honorable Mention: Horizontal Collaboration (978-1-62731-017-8) by Mel Gordon, Feral House
Honorable Mention: Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture (978-0-8478-4660-3) by Elizabeth Semmelhack, Skira Rizzoli
Gold: A Taste for Chaos (978-1-935528-68-5) by Randy Fertel, Spring Journal Books
Silver: The Loneliness Cure (978-1-4405-8209-7) by Kory Floyd, Adams Media
Bronze: The 16 Strivings for God (978-0-88146-557-0) by Steven Reiss, Mercer University Press
Honorable Mention: Understanding Gender Dysphoria (978-0-8308-2859-3) by Mark Yarhouse, InterVarsity Press
Gold: Miziker’s Complete Event Planner’s Handbook (978-0-8263-5551-5) by Ron Miziker, University of New Mexico Press
Silver: Book Design Made Simple (978-0-9940969-0-6) by Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett, 12 Pines Press
Bronze: The Cannabis Encyclopedia (978-1-878823-34-2) by Jorge Cervantes, Van Patten Publishing
Gold: Way Down in Louisiana (978-1-935754-73-2) by Todd Mouton, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press
Silver: Store Front II - A History Preserved (978-1-58423-604-7) by James Murray and Karla Murray, Gingko Press
Bronze: Polka Heartland (978-0-87020-722-8) by Richard March and Dick Blau (photographer), Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Honorable Mention: Indiana State Parks (978-0-253-01607-2) by Matt Williams, Indiana University Press
Honorable Mention: Ohio's Historic Haunts (978-1-60635-260-1) by James A. Willis, Kent State University Press
Gold: What Every Christian Needs to Know about Passover (978-1-4267-9156-7) by Rabbi Evan Moffic, Abingdon Press
Silver: The Triumph of Faith (978-1-61017-138-0) by Rodney Stark, ISI Books
Bronze: St. Francis of America (978-1-4696-2374-0) by Patricia Appelbaum, University of North Carolina Press
Honorable Mention: Upstate Cauldron (978-1-4384-5594-5) by Joscelyn Godwin, SUNY Press
Gold: Building the H Bomb (978-981-461879-3) by Kenneth Ford, World Scientific Publishing
Silver: From the Great Wall to the Great Collider (978-1-57146-310-4) by Steve Nadis and Shing-Tung Yau, International Press of Boston
Bronze: GMO Sapiens (978-981-466700-5) by Paul Knoepfler, World Scientific Publishing
Honorable Mention: Stem Cell Battles: Proposition 71 and Beyond (978-981-464401-3) by Don Reed, World Scientific Publishing
Gold: The Self-Help Guide for Teens with Dyslexia (978-1-84905-649-6) by Alais Winton, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Silver: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls (978-1-58005-582-6) by Jes Baker, Seal Press
Bronze: The Power of 10 (978-0-9909753-1-1) by Rugger Burke, Mill City Press
Honorable Mention: Sustainable Happiness (978-1-62656-329-2) by Sarah van Gelder, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Honorable Mention: The 5 AM Miracle (978-1-61243-500-8) by Jeff Sanders, Ulysses Press
Social Sciences
Gold: The Color of Food (978-0-86571-789-3) by Natasha Bowens, New Society Publishers
Silver: Race in Mind (978-0-268-04148-9) by Paul Spickard, Jeffrey Moniz (contributor), and Ingrid Dineen-Wimberly (contributor), University of Notre Dame Press
Bronze: Police Wife (978-0-9948617-0-2) by Susanna Hope and Alex Roslin, Golden Inkwell Books
Honorable Mention: Conflict Communication (978-1-59439-331-0) by Rory Miller, YMAA Publication Center
Honorable Mention: eGirls, eCitizens (978-0-7766-2257-6) by Jane Bailey (editor) and Valerie Steeves (editor), University of Ottawa Press
Gold: A Secret History of the Ollie (978-1-930287-00-6) by Craig B. Snyder, Black Salt Press
Silver: Finding a Way to Play (978-0-9965857-0-5) by Joanne Lannin, Portlandia Press
Bronze: Handy Andy (978-0-692-30642-0) by Joe Niese, Chippewa River Press
Honorable Mention: Yosemite in the Fifties (978-1-938340-48-2) by Dean Eidelman, John Long, and Tom Adler (designer), Patagonia
Gold: The Best Beer in the World (978-1-909313-71-2) by Mark Dredge, Ryland Peters & Small + CICO Books
Silver: Wild in the Willamette (978-0-87071-780-2) by Lorraine Anderson (editor) and Abby Phillips Metzger (editor), Oregon State University Press
Bronze: The Field Guide to Drinking in America (978-0-9834917-2-9) by Niki Ganong, Overcup Press
Honorable Mention: Emilia-Romagna Italy (978-1-942545-19-4) by Matt Walker and Zeneba Bowers, Little Roads Publishing
True Crime
Gold: American Pain (978-1-4930-0738-7) by John Temple, Lyons Press
Silver: In the Spider's Web (978-1-936364-14-5) by Jerome Gold, Black Heron Press
Bronze: Milwaukee Mayhem (978-0-87020-716-7) by Matthew J. Prigge, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Honorable Mention: This House of Grief (978-1-925240-68-9) by Helen Garner, Text Publishing
War & Military
Gold: The Price They Paid (978-0-9861321-0-0) by Michael Putzel, Trysail Publishing
Silver: Wilber's War (a trilogy) (978-0-9908544-0-1) by Hale Bradt, Van Dorn Books
Bronze: Surgeon of the "Old Sixth" (978-0-9964327-0-2) by M. P. McConnell, Ellen Carson Publishers
Honorable Mention: The War Came Home With Him (978-0-8166-9877-6) by Cathy Madison and Erik Anderson (editor), University of Minnesota Press
Women's Studies
Gold: The Sisters Are Alright (978-1-62656-351-3) by Tamara Winfrey Harris, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Silver: Jewels of Allah (978-0-9864064-0-9) by Nina Ansary, Revela Press
Bronze: Shaping the Public Good (978-0-87071-816-8) by Sue Armitage, Oregon State University Press
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Gold: Family Resemblance (978-1-941628-02-7) by Jacqueline Kolosov (editor) and Marcela Sulak (editor), Rose Metal Press
Silver: The Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton (978-0-268-01786-6) by Patrick Samway S.J., University of Notre Dame Press
Bronze: The Soul of Place (978-1-60952-103-5) by Linda Lappin, Travelers' Tales
Honorable Mention: A Taste for Chaos (978-1-935528-68-5) by Randy Fertel, Spring Journal Books


Gold: Emotional Map of Los Angeles (978-0-9837081-3-1) by Keren Taylor (editor), WriteGirl Publications
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Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
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Silver: Man Is Vox (978-0-9966176-1-1) by John Ira Thomas and Carter Allen (illustrator), Candle Light Press
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Honorable Mention: A Second Shot of Coffee with Jesus (978-0-8308-3693-2) by David Wilkie, InterVarsity Press
Honorable Mention: Take It as a Compliment (978-1-84905-697-7) by Maria Stoian, Singing Dragon


Juvenile Fiction
Gold: Blackberries and Cream (978-0-9961357-7-1) by Leslie Rivver, Green Writers Press
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Bronze: Mabel Gray and the Wizard Who Swallowed the Sun (978-0-9898068-8-6) by Clayton Smith, Dapper Press
Honorable Mention: Seaside (978-0-9960315-2-3) by Wylde Scott, Wylde Press
Juvenile Nonfiction
Gold: Curious Critters Marine (978-1-936607-72-3) by David FitzSimmons, Wild Iris Publishing
Silver: Australia to Zimbabwe (978-0-9962495-7-7) by Ruth Fitts, Love the World Books
Bronze: Fur, Fins, and Feathers (978-0-8028-5432-2) by Cassandre Maxwell, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Honorable Mention: Remarkable Minds (978-0-9907829-0-2) by Pendred E. Noyce, Tumblehome Learning
Picture Books
Gold: Charlotte and the Quiet Place (978-1-941529-02-7) by Deborah Sosin and Sara Woolley (illustrator), Parallax Press
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Honorable Mention: Hi 5! (978-0-9853667-4-2) by Rebecca Klemm, NumbersAlive! Press
Honorable Mention: Seaver the Weaver (978-1-938063-57-2) by Paul Czajak and The Brothers Hilts (illustrator), Mighty Media Kids
Picture Books, Early Reader
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Honorable Mention: Big Soccer Game (978-0-9909960-1-9) by Jill Barletti and Jelena Brezovec (illustrator), Snowflake Stories
Honorable Mention: How the Crocka Dog Came to Be (978-1-936744-39-8) by Ross Van Dusen, Rio Grande Books
Young Adult Fiction
Editor's Choice Prize Fiction: South of Everything (978-1-63152-053-2) by Audrey Taylor Gonzalez, She Writes Press
Gold: Weird Girl and What's His Name (978-1-941110-27-0) by Meagan Brothers, Three Rooms Press
Silver: The Secrets of Love and Death (978-0-9863265-1-6) by E. Van Lowe and Sal Conte, White Whisker Books
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Honorable Mention: Breath to Breath (978-1-939775-08-5) by Craig Lew, Relish Media
Young Adult Nonfiction
Gold: The Quiet Hero (978-0-87195-307-0) by Nelson Price, Indiana Historical Society Press
Silver: UnSlut (978-1-942186-00-7) by Emily Lindin, Zest Books
Bronze: Express Yourself (978-1-62625-148-9) by Emily Roberts, New Harbinger Publications
Honorable Mention: Our Lives Matter (978-0-692-45538-8) by Ballou High School Writers, Lana Wong (photographer), and Kyle Dargan (contributor), Shout Mouse Press


Best Coffee Table Book
Gold: Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964 (978-0-8478-4503-3) by Chris Murray, Rizzoli New York
Best Cover Design
Gold: The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman (978-1-942545-00-2) by Robin Gregory, Gatekeeper Press
Best Packaging
Gold: The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book (978-1-60887-444-6) by Becca Zerkin, Insight Editions
Child Author (17 and Under)
Gold: Kadee's Hope (978-1-941953-11-2) by Kayla Marie Garrison, Butler Books
Silver: We Are Generation Z (978-1-61254-218-8) by Vivek Pandit, Brown Books Publishing Group
Bronze: Griffin Blade and the Bronze Finger (978-0-9849919-6-9) by Luke Herzog, Why Not Books
Honorable Mention: Daddy's Heart, My Heart, The Purple Heart (978-1-5172-9187-7) by Angela Kohout, Madeline Murillo, and Elizabeth Sagi, Create Space Independent Self Publishing Platform
Honorable Mention: The Sparks (978-0-9903935-8-0) by Kyle Prue, Barringer Publishing