Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2019 Foreword INDIES Finalists

Adult Fiction

A Daughter of Two Worlds (978-1-73265-140-1) by D.T. Nelson, Ingwaz Press
A Tale of Infidels (978-1-73213-611-3) by Erik A. Otto, Sagis Press
Jack of Thorns (978-1-912349-11-1) by A. K. Faulkner, Ravensword Press
The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna (978-3-98212702-6) by Guenther Primig, N. Catalano
The Day's Wake (978-1-73213-612-0) by Erik A. Otto, Sagis Press
The House on Major Street (978-0-88984-419-3) by Leon Rooke, The Porcupine's Quill
The Other Magic (978-1-73409-531-9) Dorean Press
The Race to the Blackened Nevers (978-1-9991802-0-1) by Douglas Bain
The Winter Sisters (978-0-9849748-9-4) by Tim Westover, QW Publishers
Avery Colt Is a Snake, a Thief, a Liar (978-1-73203-991-9) Southeast Missouri State University Press
Beloved Mother (978-1-934610-98-5) by Laura Hunter, Bluewater Publications
Blessed (978-1-945049-10-1) by Sherry Robinson, Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Look after Her (978-1-77133-673-4) Inanna Publications
Man Mission (978-1-4808-6292-0) by Eytan Uliel, Archway Publishing
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press
Play On! (978-0-9960826-7-9) RCWMS
Still Come Home (978-1-62720-231-2) Apprentice House
Tiny (978-1-68442-242-5) Turner Publishing
Water is Wider (978-0-9904338-4-2) by Marie Green McKeon, White Bird Publishing
Beloved Mother (978-1-934610-98-5) by Laura Hunter, Bluewater Publications
Elizabeth of Bohemia (978-1-77041-463-1) by David Elias, ECW Press
Joseph Chapman (978-1-79065-802-2) by James Lovejoy
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press
Necessary Sins (978-1-73316-760-4) by Elizabeth Bell, Claire-Voie Books
The Boys Who Woke up Early (978-1-945501-27-2) by A.D. Hopkins, Imbrifex Books
The Heart of the Rebellion (978-1-5244-0973-9) by Sian Ann Bessey, Covenant Communications
The Measure of the World (978-1-57962-570-2) by Charles Davis, The Permanent Press
The Painted Cross (978-0-9994936-4-9) A-R-B Books
The Winter Sisters (978-0-9849748-9-4) by Tim Westover, QW Publishers
A Helping Paw (978-3-74829620-1) Tredition
Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance (978-1-61243-944-0) Ulysses Press
Fat Boy (978-1-916103-80-1) by Joseph Cobb, KDP
Offline (978-1-73274-342-7) by Brian Adams, Green Place Books
Rerouted (978-0-88984-421-6) by Daniel Bryant, The Porcupine's Quill
Soup to Nuts (978-0-9839851-1-2) by Judith Deborah, Plimsoll Press
The Big Red Herring (978-1-73232-513-5) by Andrew Farkas, KERNPUNKT Press
You Cannot Mess This Up (978-1-63152-583-4) by Amy Weinland Daughters, She Writes Press
Big Familia (978-1-946724-22-9) by Tomas Moniz, Acre Books
Carmilla (978-1-941360-19-4) by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu and Carmen Maria Machado (editor), Lanternfish Press
Like Wings, Your Hands (978-1-59709-823-6) Red Hen Press
Nirvana Is Here (978-1-941110-77-5) by Aaron Hamburger, Three Rooms Press
Say You'll Love Me Again (978-0-244-19041-5) K.A. Books
Shine of the Ever (978-1-945053-87-0) by Claire Rudy Foster, Interlude Press
Square One (978-1-64230-052-9)
Summer of Hush (978-1-64405-433-8) Celie Bay Publications
The Falls of the Wyona (978-1-59709-893-9) by David Brendan Hopes, Red Hen Press
Thorn (978-1-61294-143-1) by Anna Burke, Bywater Books
And Throw Away the Skins (978-1-944388-61-4) by Scott Archer Jones, Fomite
Drafts of a Suicide Note (978-1-947548-82-4) Regal House Publishing
Evidence of V (978-1-941628-19-5) by Sheila O'Connor, Rose Metal Press
Fatboy Fall Down (978-1-77041-452-5) by Rabindranath Maharaj, ECW Press
I Am God (978-1-63206-214-7) Restless Books
Last Tower to Heaven (978-1-949540-02-4) C&R Press
Odsburg (978-1-947845-08-4) by Matt Tompkins, Ooligan Press
Pigs (978-1-59709-044-5) by Johanna Stoberock, Red Hen Press
Proof I Was Here (978-1-928088-77-6) by Becky Blake, Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
The Butterfly (978-1-947727-34-2) BHC
The Little Fox of Mayerville (978-1-77186-196-0) by Éric Mathieu and Peter McCambridge (translator), Baraka Books
The Not Wives (978-1-936932-68-9) by Carley Moore, The Feminist Press
A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son (978-1-947627-33-8) by Sergio Troncoso, Cinco Puntos Press
As a River (978-1-938841-10-1) by Sion Dayson, Jaded Ibis Press
Dancing with Langston (978-1-950584-19-2) by Sharyn Skeeter, Green Writers Press
Half-Burnt (978-1-949966-03-9) Spuyten Duyvil Publishing
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press
Portrait of Sebastian Khan (978-1-73286-860-1) by Aatif Rashid, 7.13 Books
Swim (978-1-57962-574-0) by Eric C. Wat, The Permanent Press
The Advocacy (978-0-9802170-7-0) Kilometer Thirteen
The Alchemy of Noise (978-1-63152-559-9) by Lorraine Devon Wilke, She Writes Press
You Who Enter Here (978-1-4384-7316-1) by Erika T. Wurth, SUNY Press
A Plain Vanilla Murder (978-0-9982332-0-8) by Susan Wittig Albert, Persevero Press
Below the Fold (978-1-60809-324-3) by R. G. Belsky, Oceanview Publishing
Boxing the Octopus (978-1-4642-1141-6) by Tim Maleeny, Poisoned Pen Press
Gumshoe Rock (978-1-60809-330-4) by Rob Leininger, Oceanview Publishing
In the Clutches of the Wicked (978-1-941890-71-4) by David Carlson, Coffeetown Press
Moonscape (978-1-4328-5821-6) by Julie Weston, Five Star Publishing
Survival Can Be Deadly (978-1-940442-26-6) Amphorae Publishing Group
The Suicide Sonata (978-0-9975347-5-7) Crimetime Press
This Will Destroy You (978-1-949966-08-4) by Pedram Navab, Spuyten Duyvil Publishing
Treacherous Strand (978-1-60809-304-5) by Andrea Carter, Oceanview Publishing
Blessed (978-1-945049-10-1) by Sherry Robinson, Shadelandhouse Modern Press
Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe (978-1-4964-2028-2) by Carla Laureano, Tyndale House Publishers
Courage and Complicity (978-1-77506-003-1) by Claudette Languedoc, Sapare Press
Hearts Set Free (978-0-9986030-1-8) by Jess Lederman, Azure Star
More than Bones (978-1-73230-080-4) by Craig David Singer, Twin Rabbit Books
A Proper Scandal (978-1-5244-0937-1) by Esther Hatch, Covenant Communications
Lord of the Wilderness (978-1-950016-00-6) by Elizabeth St. Michel, Elizabeth St. Michel
Love's Portrait (978-1-63555-057-3) by Anna Larner, Bold Strokes Books
My Dearest Dietrich (978-0-8254-4605-4) by Amanda Barratt, Kregel Publications
Square One (978-1-64230-052-9)
The Exile (978-1-63393-765-9) by Gregory Erich Phillips, Koehler Books
The Heart of a Vicar (978-1-5244-0861-9) by Sarah M. Eden, Covenant Communications
The Lady and the Highwayman (978-1-62972-605-2) by Sarah M. Eden, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Underestimating Miss Cecilia (978-0-8254-4590-3) by Carolyn Miller, Kregel Publications
Science Fiction
Born in Syn (978-1-947003-50-7) by Beth Kander, Owl House Books
Dark Slide (978-1-79231-395-0) by Paul Black, Novel Instincts
Futures (978-1-73404-870-4) by John Dermot Woods, Vera Kurian, Ashley Shelby, Hal Y. Zhang, germ lynn, Aeryn Rudel, and Alexander Pyles, Radix Media
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 35 (978-1-61986-604-1) Galaxy Press
Lakes of Mars (978-1-949272-00-0) by Merritt Graves, Merritt Graves
Moon Deeds (978-1-73256-880-8) Mythology Press
Reality(TM) 2048 (978-1-73395-672-7) Poplar Leaf Press
Sunlight 24 (978-1-949272-04-8) by Merritt Graves, Merritt Graves
Sync (978-0-9996982-3-5) by K. P. Kyle, Allium Press of Chicago
The Nothing Within (978-1-73356-764-0) by Andy Giesler, Humble Quill
Short Stories
Driving in Cars with Homeless Men (978-0-8229-4568-0) University of Pittsburgh Press
Every Human Love (978-1-946724-18-2) by Joanna Pearson, Acre Books
Great American Desert (978-0-8142-5520-9) by Terese Svoboda, Mad Creek
Like Water and Other Stories (978-0-9988014-9-0) by Olga Zilberbourg, Peg Alford Pursell (editor), and Adam Bohannon (designer), WTAW Press
Moccasin Square Gardens (978-1-77162-216-5) Douglas & McIntyre
Partners and Strangers (978-0-88748-650-0) by Michael Don, Carnegie Mellon University Press
Scenes from the Heartland (978-1-947175-10-5) by Donna Baier Stein, Serving House Books
Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow (978-1-64343-904-4) by Kevin A. Kuhn, Beavers' Pond Press
The Middle Ground (978-1-77538-130-3) by Jeff Ewing, Into the Void
This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love. (978-1-07-056151-6) by Jennifer Wortman, Split/Lip Press
Thriller & Suspense
A Cross to Kill (978-0-8254-2274-4) by Andrew Huff, Kregel Publications
Angel in the Fog (978-1-60809-241-3) by TJ Turner, Oceanview Publishing
Green Valley (978-1-78909-023-9) by Louis Greenberg, Titan Books
High Stakes (978-1-60809-355-7) by John F Dobbyn, Oceanview Publishing
Looking for Garbo (978-1-943075-55-3) by Jon James Miller, Blank Slate Press
Passport to Death (978-1-60809-364-9) by Yigal Zur, Oceanview Publishing
Rag and Bone (978-1-60809-326-7) by Joe Clifford, Oceanview Publishing
The Guilt We Carry (978-1-60809-320-5) by Samuel W. Gailey, Oceanview Publishing
The Nine (978-1-63152-652-7) by Jeanne Blasberg, She Writes Press
The Unrepentant (978-1-948235-58-7) by E.A. Aymar, Down and Out Books
War & Military
Before the Snow Flies (978-1-943338-17-7) by John Wemlinger, Mission Point Press
Flight of the U-463 (978-1-73418-162-3) by Timothy Donald Pilmaier, Pinger Publishing
Lions of the Desert (978-1-943593-25-5) by Samuel Marquis, Mount Sopris Publishing
Mrs. Rossi's Dream (978-1-57962-568-9) The Permanent Press
No Common War (978-1-936364-29-9) by Luke Salisbury, Black Heron Press
Royal Beauty Bright (978-1-943075-60-7) Amphorae Publishing Group
So Others May Live (978-1-73379-091-8)
Still Come Home (978-1-62720-231-2) Apprentice House

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure, Sports & Recreation
America's Great Mountain Trails (978-0-8478-6542-0) Rizzoli New York
Citizen Akoy (978-1-4962-0322-9) by Steve Marantz, University of Nebraska Press
Krav Maga Combatives (978-1-59439-681-6) by David Kahn and Sean P. Hoggs (contributor), YMAA Publication Center
Race and Football in America (978-1-68435-066-7) by Dawn Knight, Indiana University Press
Race Walking Revolution (978-1-73357-570-6) by Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman, Salvage Writes Media
Running to Glory (978-1-4930-4152-7) by Sam McManis, Globe Pequot
Some Stories (978-1-938340-82-6) by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia
Southern Snow (978-1-4696-5420-1) by Randy Johnson, University of North Carolina Press
The Expedition (978-1-63152-592-6) by Chris Fagan, She Writes Press
The Judo Advantage (978-1-59439-628-1) by Steve Scott and Jim Bregman (contributor), YMAA Publication Center
The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500 (978-1-68435-070-4) by J. Craig Reinhardt, Indiana University Press
Training for the Uphill Athlete (978-1-938340-84-0) by Steve House, Scott Johnston, and Kilian Jornet, Patagonia
Charlotte Posenenske (978-3-96098630-0) Dia Art Foundation
Deborah Roberts (978-1-946657-10-7) Georgia Museum of Art
François Morellet (978-0-300-24569-1) Dia Art Foundation
Hokusai's Landscapes (978-0-87846-866-9) MFA Publications
Human (978-1-934491-69-0) by Garth Clark, Ezra Shales, and Lauren Redding, FrescoBooks
Hyman Bloom (978-0-87846-861-4) MFA Publications
Korean Metal Art (978-0-7643-5779-4) by Komelia Hongja Okim, Schiffer Publishing
Moore than Meets the Eye (978-1-935270-50-8) Cool Titles
Rachel Feinstein (978-0-8478-6484-3) Rizzoli Electa
The Art of Baron Yoshimoto (978-4-75625171-8) by Baron Yoshimoto, PIE International
Autobiography & Memoir
At the Narrow Waist of the World (978-1-63152-588-9) by Marlena Maduro Baraf, She Writes Press
Being Mean (978-1-63152-519-3) by Patricia Eagle, She Writes Press
Codependence (978-1-880834-12-1) Cleveland State University Poetry Center
From Chernobyl with Love (978-1-64012-204-8) by Katya Cengel, Potomac Books
How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal (978-1-73274-343-4) by Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz-Urban, Green Writers Press
In My Own Moccasins (978-0-88977-644-9) by Helen Knott, University of Regina Press
My Dear Boy (978-1-64012-072-3) by Joanie Holzer Schirm, Potomac Books
No Friend but the Mountains (978-1-4870-0683-9) by Behrouz Boochani and Omid Tofighian (translator), House of Anansi
Portrait of an American Businessman (978-0-88146-715-4) by Carl Ware with Sibley Fleming, Mercer University Press
The Body Papers (978-1-63206-183-6) Restless Books
The Buddha Sat Right Here (978-1-63152-561-2) by Dena Moes, Clarabel Moes, and Sophia Moes, She Writes Press
This Is My Body (978-1-940596-32-7) by Cameron Dezen Hammon, Lookout Books
This Never Happened (978-1-938753-31-2) University of Hell Press
Trove (978-1-941932-12-4) by Sandra Miller, Brown Paper Press
What the Oceans Remember (978-1-77112-423-2) by Sonja Boon, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Where War Ends (978-1-60868-599-8) by Tom Voss and Revecca Anne Nguyen, New World Library
A Forgotten Hero (978-1-77041-449-5) by Shelley Emling, ECW Press
According to Kate (978-1-4930-3773-5) by Chris Enss, TwoDot Books
Boy on the Bridge (978-0-8131-7802-8) University Press of Kentucky
Citizen Akoy (978-1-4962-0322-9) by Steve Marantz, University of Nebraska Press
Gentleman in the Shadows (978-0-87195-436-7) Indiana Historical Society Press
Gertrude Stein Has Arrived (978-1-4214-3153-6) by Roy Morris Jr., Johns Hopkins University Press
Missing (978-1-73237-020-3) by Kenneth D. Evans, Starhaven Publishing
Stronger than Death (978-0-87486-251-5) by Rachel Pieh Jones, Plough Publishing House
The Showy Town of Savannah (978-0-88146-689-8) by John D. Duncan and Sandra L. Underwood, Mercer University Press
Yves Saint Laurent (978-0-8478-6339-6) Rizzoli Ex Libris
Body, Mind & Spirit
Elegant Simplicity (978-0-86571-910-1) by Satish Kumar, New Society Publishers
Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You (978-1-62634-668-0) Greenleaf Book Group
selfcarefully (978-1-73206-618-2) Thick Press
Spiritual Rebel (978-1-948626-04-0) Monkfish Book Publishing Company
The Gift of Wonder (978-0-8308-4653-5) by Christine Aroney-Sine, InterVarsity Press
The Healthy Witch (978-0-7643-5790-9) by T J Perkins, Schiffer Publishing
The Illustrated Bestiary (978-1-63586-212-6) Storey Publishing
The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness (978-1-73208-323-3) Healers of the Light LLC
Where To? (978-0-578-47760-2) Spirit Evolution
Business & Economics
Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (978-1-947200-08-1) by David Greene, BiggerPockets Publishing
DataStory (978-1-940858-98-2) Ideapress Publishing
Engage x Lead = Transform (978-1-73433-302-2) Performax
How to Be an Inclusive Leader (978-1-5230-8517-0) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Indistractable (978-1-948836-53-1) BenBella Books
Playing with FIRE (978-1-60868-580-6) New World Library
Retire SMART! (978-1-64462-891-1) Page Publishing
Solve Your Money Troubles (978-1-4133-2647-5) by Amy Loftsgordon and Cara O'Neill, NOLO
The Disruption Mindset (978-1-940858-70-8) Ideapress Publishing
The Gift of Struggle (978-1-885167-87-3) Bard Press
Why Digital Transformations Fail (978-1-5230-8534-7) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Passion in the Bones (978-1-63576-588-5) by Elaine Howard, Radius Book Group
Success Freak (978-0-8253-0928-1) by Bruno Gralpois, Beaufort Books
The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: Veterans Edition (978-0-9859106-9-3) by Nathan A. Perez and Marcia Ballinger, Career Innovations Press
The Freelance Academic (978-1-947834-35-4) by Katie Rose Guest Pryal, Blue Crow Publishing
Garden to Glass (978-1-68442-208-1) by Mike Wolf, Turner Publishing
Honey & Co At Home (978-1-911595-66-3) Pavilion
Just Enough (978-1-60868-582-0) by Gesshin Claire Greenwood, New World Library
Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments (978-1-61212-988-4) by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey, Storey Publishing
Ozlem's Turkish Table (978-1-912031-94-8) by Sian Irvine (photographer) and Holly Tillier (designer), GB Publishing
The Colorful Family Table (978-1-948836-47-0) BenBella Books
The Deep End of Flavor (978-1-4236-5100-0) Gibbs Smith
The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest (978-1-4930-3664-6) by Ann Accetta-Scott, Globe Pequot
The Recipe (978-0-8478-6346-4) Rizzoli New York
Vegan Everything (978-1-61519-588-6) by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer, The Experiment
Ecology & Environment
Ecological Footprint (978-0-86571-911-8) by Mathis Wackernagel, Bert Beyers, and Katharina Rout (translator), New Society Publishers
Lost Feast (978-1-77041-435-8) by Lenore Newman, ECW Press
Malibu Burning (978-1-73347-050-6) by Robert Kerbeck, MWC Press
Overrun (978-1-77041-476-1) by Andrew Reeves, ECW Press
Re-Bisoning the West (978-1-937226-98-5) by Kurt Repanshek, Torrey House Press
The Big Thaw (978-1-68051-247-2) Braided River/Mountaineers Books
The End of Hunger (978-0-8308-4571-2) IVP
The Oasis This Time (978-1-937226-93-0) by Rebecca Lawton, Torrey House Press
The Secret Lives of Glaciers (978-0-9962676-7-0) by M Jackson, Green Writers Press
Toward Antarctica (978-1-59709-886-1) by Elizabeth Bradfield, Boreal Books
Convergent Teaching (978-1-4214-3293-9) Johns Hopkins University Press
Generous Thinking (978-1-4214-2946-5) by Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Johns Hopkins University Press
Keep It Real with PBL (978-1-5443-6934-1) Corwin
Remaking Literacy (978-1-947604-69-8) by Jacie Maslyk, Solution Tree Press
Rethinking Ethnic Studies (978-0-942961-02-7) by R. Tolteka Cuauhtin (editor), Miguel Zavala (editor), Christine Sleeter (editor), and Wayne Au (editor), Rethinking Schools
Scripting Feminist Ethics in Teacher Education (978-0-7766-2811-0) by Michelle Forrest and Linda Wheeldon, University of Ottawa Press
The New Smart (978-1-68442-371-2) Turner Publishing
The New Teacher Book (978-0-942961-03-4) by Linda Christensen (editor), Stan Karp (editor), Bob Peterson (editor), and Moé Yonamine (editor), Rethinking Schools
The Power of the Socratic Classroom (978-1-940107-02-8) Sienna Books
The School Garden Curriculum (978-0-86571-905-7) by Kaci Rae Christopher, New Society Publishers
All the Fierce Tethers (978-1-946448-30-9) by Lia Purpura, Sarabande Books
Be with Me Always (978-1-4962-0504-9) by Randon Billings Noble, University of Nebraska Press
Down by the Eno, Down by the Haw (978-0-88146-721-5) by Thorpe Moeckel, Mercer University Press
My Caesarean (978-1-61519-552-7) The Experiment
One Hundred Autobiographies (978-1-5017-4645-1) Cornell University Press
She's Got This! (978-1-73352-370-7) by Joanne Hartman (editor) and Mary Claire Hill (editor), Write on Mamas
The Mountains of Paris (978-0-87071-981-3) by David Oates, Oregon State University Press
The Virgin of Prince Street (978-1-4962-1717-2) University of Nebraska Press
The West Will Swallow You (978-1-59534-903-3) Trinity University Press
You Are No Longer in Trouble (978-1-945680-24-3) White Pine Press
Family & Relationships
Dear Love, I'm Ready For You (978-1-988736-72-3) Golden Brick Road Publishing House
Intimate Lies and the Law (978-0-19-090594-1) by Jill Elaine Hasday, Oxford University Press
Mama Mama Only Mama (978-1-5107-4356-4) Skyhorse Publishing
Ministry with the Forgotten (978-1-5018-8024-7) by Kenneth L. Carder, Abingdon Press
ParentShift (978-1-941932-10-0) by Linda Hatfield, Ty Hatfield, and Wendy Thomas Russell, Brown Paper Press
Raising an Organized Child (978-1-61002-282-8) American Academy of Pediatrics
Stealing Cinderella (978-1-73281-993-1) by Mark Diehl, Fencetree Press
The Five Legends (978-1-5230-9825-5) Berrett-Koehler Publishers
And Then I Got Fired (978-0-359-49472-9) J Mase III
Dessert First (978-0-8272-0669-4) by J. Dana Trent, Chalice Press
Lost without the River (978-1-63152-531-5) She Writes Press
Love You like the Sky (978-1-943006-88-5) SparkPress
No Place Like Home (978-1-07-369275-0) Little Eden Press
Present through the End (978-1-61180-768-4) Shambhala Publications
Six Healing Questions (978-0-9888882-2-7) by Madonna Treadway, MCM Publishing
The Goodbye Diaries (978-1-948018-36-4) by Marisa Bardach Ramel and Sally Bardach, Wyatt-MacKenzie
The Red Ribbon (978-1-63152-573-5) She Writes Press
Waking in Havana (978-1-63152-654-1) She Writes Press
ADHD (978-1-61002-264-4) American Academy of Pediatrics
Autism Spectrum Disorder (978-1-61002-269-9) American Academy of Pediatrics
Big Medicine (978-0-9998094-4-0) Belly Song Press
Cancer and the New Biology of Water (978-1-60358-881-2) by Thomas Cowan, Chelsea Green Publishing
Farewell (978-0-9916544-8-2) by Edward T. Creagan and Sandra Wendel, Write On Ink Publishing
Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts (978-1-64170-130-3) by Karen Kleiman and Molly McIntyre (illustrator), Familius
Healthcare Is Killing Us (978-1-73393-251-6) by Aaron Fausz and W. Terry Howell, Skye Solutions Nashville
Long Road from Quito (978-0-268-10533-4) by Tony Hiss, University of Notre Dame Press
Probably Someday Cancer (978-1-57441-751-7) University of North Texas Press
American Founders (978-1-58838-331-0) NewSouth Books
American Steam Locomotives (978-0-253-03933-0) by William L. Withuhn, Indiana University Press
Everything Worthy of Observation (978-1-4384-7516-5) by Paul G. Schneider Jr. (editor), SUNY Press
Immigration Reform (978-1-942134-55-8) by Charles Kamasaki, Mandel Vilar Press
March 1917 (978-0-268-10685-0) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Marian Schwartz (translator), University of Notre Dame Press
Stringing Rosaries (978-1-946163-10-3) by Denise K. Lajimodiere, North Dakota State University Press
The First Zionist Congress (978-1-4384-7312-3) by Michael J. Reimer (translator), SUNY Press
The Kosher Capones (978-1-5017-4731-1) by Joe Kraus, Northern Illinois University Press
The Lost Books of Jane Austen (978-1-4214-3159-8) Johns Hopkins University Press
The Real Dirt on America's Frontier Legends (978-1-4236-5260-1) Gibbs Smith
Hobbies & Home
Block Prints (978-0-7649-8432-7) Pomegranate
Disrupting the Status Quo of Senior Living (978-1-938870-82-8) Health Professions Press
I Just Want to Paint! (978-1-73262-800-7) Coffman Press
My TV for Seniors (978-0-13-559155-0) Que Publishing
The Art of Fine Enameling, Second Edition (978-0-8117-3792-0) by Karen L. Cohen, Globe Pequot
Threads around the World (978-0-7643-5650-6) Schiffer Publishing
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War & Military
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Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
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Katusha (978-1-68247-425-9) by Wayne Vansant, Dead Reckoning
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Under the Cottonwood Tree (978-1-73377-300-3) by Paul Meyer, Carlos Meyer, and Margaret Hardy (illustrator), North Fourth Publications


Juvenile Fiction
A Monster Like Me (978-1-62972-555-0) by Wendy S. Swore, Shadow Mountain Publishing
Beverly, Right Here (978-0-7636-9464-7) by Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick Press
Beyond the Lighthouse, Over the Mountains (978-1-73279-370-5) by Tony Steeno, Fireside Vernacular
Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia (978-1-948931-04-5) Hazy Dell Press
How Winston Delivered Christmas (978-1-68412-983-6) Silver Dolphin Books
Legacy and the Queen (978-1-949520-03-3) Granity Studios
Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse (978-1-62634-584-3) by K.J. Kruk, Greenleaf Book Group
Rabbit & Bear (978-1-68412-588-3) Silver Dolphin Books
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Stonebreaker (978-1-941250-35-8) by Peter Wartman (author, illustrator), Uncivilized Books
The Ghost Network (978-1-4494-9711-8) by I. I. Davidson, Andrews McMeel Publishing
Juvenile Nonfiction
101 Outdoor Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up (978-1-4930-4140-4) by Stacy Tornio and Jack Tornio, Globe Pequot
Be Kind (978-1-63586-154-9) Storey Publishing
Be the Difference (978-1-925089-42-4) by Jayneen Sanders and Cherie Zamazing (illustrator), Educate2Empower Publishing
Boy Oh Boy (978-1-78603-875-3) Wide-Eyed Editions
In Search of Dinosaurs (978-1-78603-549-3) by Dougal Dixon and Daniele Fabri (illustrator), words & pictures
Peace, Love, Action! (978-1-946764-47-8) Parallax Press
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The Forest in the Trees (978-1-64351-350-8) by Connie McLennan, Arbordale Publishing
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Picture Books
A Zebra Plays Zither (978-0-7649-8651-2) by Janice Bond, Pomegranate
Animology (978-0-9924917-9-6) by Maree Coote, Melbournestyle Books
Diana Dances (978-1-77321-248-7) by Luciano Lozano, Annick Press
Jacob's Room to Choose (978-1-4338-3073-0) by Sarah Hoffman, Ian Hoffman, and Chris Case (illustrator), Magination Press
Maybe (978-1-946873-75-0) by Kobi Yamada and Gabriella Barouch (illustrator), Compendium
My Grandma and Me (978-0-7636-9494-4) by Mina Javaherbin and Lindsey Yankey (illustrator), Candlewick
The Lions at Night (978-1-937054-78-6) by Jessica Boehman (author, illustrator), The RoadRunner Press
The Rhythm of the Rain (978-1-5362-0575-6) by Grahame Baker-Smith, Templar
When Charley Met Emma (978-1-5064-4872-5) by Amy Webb and Merrilee Liddiard (illustrator), Beaming Books
When Spring Comes to the DMZ (978-0-87486-972-9) by Uk-Bae Lee, Plough Publishing House
With All My Heart (978-1-68412-910-2) by Stephanie Stansbie and Richard Smythe, Silver Dolphin Books
Picture Books, Early Reader
Can Princesses Become Astronauts? (978-1-63076-347-3) by Carmela LaVigna Coyle and Mike Gordon (illustrator), Globe Pequot
Get Back in the Book! (978-1-9999267-0-0) by Larry Issa (author, designer), Claire Glasby (editor), and Emma Chadwick (illustrator), Kalamus
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The Artist Who Loved Cats (978-0-9711228-8-8) by Susan S. Bernardo and Courtenay Fletcher (illustrator), Inner Flower Child Books
The Llamacorn Is Kind (978-1-4236-5262-5) by Kate Coombs and Elisa Pallmer (illustrator), Gibbs Smith
The Not-So-Perfect Princess and the Not-So-Dreadful Dragon (978-1-925089-44-8) by Jayneen Sanders and Paula Becker (illustrator), Educate2Empower Publishing
The Weaver's Surprise (978-0-8117-3821-7) by Tom Knisely and Megan Lloyd-Thompson (illustrator), Globe Pequot
What Does It Mean to Be American? (978-1-4926-8380-3) by Elad Yoran, Kelly Barrales-Saylor (editor), and Nina Mata (illustrator), Sourcebooks
Young Adult Fiction
Epoca (978-1-949520-08-8) by Ivy Claire and Kobe Bryant, Granity Studios
Everything Grows (978-1-941110-68-3) by Aimee Herman, Three Rooms Press
Fat Angie (978-0-7636-9345-9) by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, Candlewick
How to Be Remy Cameron (978-1-945053-80-1) by Julian Winters, Duet
Indigo Girl (978-1-936846-73-3) by Suzanne Kamata, GemmaMedia
Safe Harbour (978-1-4597-4518-6) by Christina Kilbourne, Dundurn Press
The Night Weaver (978-1-64548-006-8) by Monique Snyman, Vesuvian Books
The Secret Journal (978-0-578-57987-0) by Otto Schafer, Sound Eye Press
Time's Up (978-0-9995624-6-8) Girls With Pens
Waiting for Fitz (978-1-62972-527-7) by Spencer Hyde, Shadow Mountain Publishing


Coffee Table Books
Beauty and the Beast (978-1-73310-440-1) by Rob Badger, Nita Winter, Peter Raven, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Mary Ellen Hannibal, and Susan Tweit, WinterBadger Press
Hand Hewn (978-1-63586-000-9) Storey Publishing
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Moore than Meets the Eye (978-1-935270-50-8) Cool Titles
Pilgrims of Woodstock (978-1-68435-082-7) by John Kane, Indiana University Press
The Lilly Library from A to Z (978-0-253-04266-8) by Darlene J. Sadlier, Indiana University Press
Zuber (978-1-4236-4908-3) Gibbs Smith