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Book Review

Faces We Love

by George Hajjar

Compositionally diverse, "Faces We Love" is a perfect coffee table book to flip through and explore. A celebration of finding joy in daily life, Faces We Love: Shanghai is a curated art book exploring Shanghai’s crowded streets,... Read More

Book Review

Spirits in the Sky

by Rebecca Foster

"Spirits in the Sky" showcases photographer Paul Zizka’s stunning portraits of the aurora borealis in places including Banff National Park, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. The Northern Lights have long been the subject of Finnish and... Read More

Book Review

Blue Zeus

by Karen Rigby

"Blue Zeus" is a convincing, beautiful photography book that reveals the necessity of conserving wild horses. Wild horse advocate Carol J. Walker’s striking photography collection "Blue Zeus" tells the story of a Blue roan and his herd... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

As many as one million Americans of Romani descent are “hidden in plain sight.” Pejoratively known as gypsies, Roma are among the most marginalized and misunderstood communities. Cristina Salvador Klenz’s 1990s black-and-white... Read More

Book Review

Roadside South

by Rachel Jagareski

David Wharton’s evocative photographs capture defining aspects of the American South, documenting haunting farmlands and wild landscapes and edgy juxtapositions of human-made and natural details, both beautiful and ordinary,... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Aspirations" is an educational guide that will be a source of encouragement to photographers in the early stages of their own careers. Part memoir, part career guide, photographer Raymond J. Klein’s "Aspirations" aims to help aspiring... Read More

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