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Book Review

Visions of Light

by Peter Dabbene

"Visions of Light" is a brilliant book in several senses of the word—a unique collection of innovative, luminous images along with poetry from a variety of voices and fascinating technical insights on the photographic process. Raymond... Read More

Book Review

Bears Ears

by Rachel Jagareski

Bears Ears National Monument has been in the news of late as the Trump administration sought to dramatically scale back its protected acreage. Bears Ears: Views from a Sacred Land is a visual and literary introduction to this singular... Read More

Book Review

Una storia d'amore!

by Katerie Prior

Italy has been called a dream that keeps returning; Wallis’s photographs make you never want to wake. In his photo travel book, Una storia d’amore, author and photographer Terence Wallis captures the aesthetically stunning road less... Read More

Book Review

Nothing Left Behind

by Matt Sutherland

Burning Man, festival beyond words in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, attracts 70,000 utopians for a weeklong experiment in barter, selfless giving, artistic self-expression, and unchecked revelry. But don’t get the wrong idea. The event... Read More

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