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Book Review

Dead Serious and Lighthearted

by Aimee Jodoin

Moving through the civil rights movement, the shock waves of JFK’s assassination, and the drama of Watergate, these “memorable words” hold incredible significance. From Eisenhower’s “Peace may be the only climate possible for... Read More

Book Review

Wee Willie Sherdel

by Ho Lin

A meticulously researched labor of love, the book is packed with generous helpings of era-specific details. He’s the winningest left-handed pitcher in St. Louis Cardinals history, and he outdueled the Yankees’ immortal Babe Ruth and... Read More

Book Review

Scientists Against Time

by Susan Waggoner

"Scientists Against Time" treats with awe the monumental undertakings, creativity, commitment, cooperation, and selflessness that went into World War II’s scientific missions, making every discovery memorable. Knowing that Hitler was... Read More

Book Review

Let the People See

by Mya Alexice

"Let the People See" is an engaging, comprehensive account of Emmett Till’s murder and its aftermath. In 1955, fourteen-year-old Emmett Till supposedly flirted with a white woman in Mississippi, and he paid the ultimate price for the... Read More

Book Review

Dial In

by Philip J. Kowalski

Situating Soka Buddhism within world history, this book defines a curious and esoteric religious sect. J. M. Walsh’s "Dial In" employs the metaphor of a radio dial in its discussion of Soka Buddhism, arguing that one must tune in very... Read More

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