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Book Review

Retaliation of the Cursed

by Matt Benzing

"Retaliation of the Cursed" is an engrossing comparative analysis of the histories of world religions. Stephen Arthur Martin Jr.’s religious history text "Retaliation of the Cursed" is an exhaustive exploration of world religions. The... Read More

Book Review

Salt & Light

by Melissa Wuske

Sifting through a variety of historical and religious source material, the inquisitive book Salt & Light seeks to understand Jesus beyond how he is presented in traditional contexts. Jonathan Geoffrey Dean’s investigative book Salt... Read More

Book Review

White Lies Matter

by Delia Stanley

"White Lies Matter" is a unique artistic investigation into often-repeated lies about American history. In concert with digital art, the short essays of John A. O’Connor’s "White Lies Matter" convey histories of inequality and... Read More

Book Review

First Patients

by Carolina Ciucci

"First Patients" is a captivating medical history that centers the patients whose bravery made today’s scientific advancements possible. Rod Tanchanco’s "First Patients" is an engaging history of medicine that delves into the human... Read More

Book Review

The Anderson Letters

by Carolina Ciucci

"The Anderson Letters" compiles intriguing missives sent between a Swedish family and the first of their kin to emigrate from their home. Composed of letters between its members, Wayne Aarestad’s family biography "The Anderson Letters"... Read More

Book Review

Extreme North

by Kristine Morris

About the history, fantasies, projections, and outright lies that have formed Western civilization’s concepts of what’s good, true, and beautiful, Bernd Brunner’s panoramic cultural text "Extreme North" shows that the vast, frozen... Read More

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