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Book Review

Gaslight Lawyers

by Lillian Brown

The true allure of the book is in its artfully chosen details, taken from sources ranging from court transcripts to personal memoirs. Richard H. Underwood’s "Gaslight Lawyers" is an intriguing collection of stories profiling some of... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Back again to the ongoing attempt to wrap one’s brain around the unwrappable, the unbrainable evil that was the Holocaust. This time in the guise of a tiny book of photos and reflections on Auschwitz-Birkenau. Birken, German for birch,... Read More

Book Review

Spirit in the Rock

by Joseph S. Pete

Compton skillfully brings to life a fierce fight on the frontier. Jim Compton’s "Spirit in the Rock" tells the captivating story of the Modoc War, the most expensive Indian conflict in American history. This well-researched book by a... Read More

Book Review

Women of Honor

by Meg Nola

Almost unnervingly detailed, "Women of Honor" recounts grim and humorous tales of the women caught up in mafia life. "Women of Honor" takes a penetrating look at how a notorious criminal syndicate ensnares the wives, mothers, and... Read More

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