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Book Review

Winged Bull

by Eileen Gonzalez

Jeff Pearce recounts the life and exploits of versatile English explorer, politician, and diplomat Henry Layard in "Winged Bull". Always restless, Layard set out for Sri Lanka in 1839 at the age of twenty-two. He never arrived.... Read More

Book Review

The Secret History of Here

by Wendy Hinman

In his joyous book "The Secret History of Here", Alistair Moffat uncovers the rich history, and natural wonders, surrounding his Scottish border farm. Moffat’s observations and discoveries come through descriptive diary entries that... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Secrets" is a sensational story about how swinging and espionage merged in the 1980s. With names changed to preserve anonymity, Zillary Zahn’s intriguing cultural history "Secrets" focuses on the possible role that swing parties... Read More

Book Review

The Company

by John M. Murray

"The Company" is a hefty company biography, showing how AM Best revolutionized the credit rating industry. The AM Best Foundation’s "The Company" is an in-depth look at the business that Alfred M. Best started, which became a major... Read More

Book Review

People of the River

by Susan Waggoner

Grace Karskens’s engrossing history "People of the River" illuminates Australia’s distant past. The book opens in deep history, describing the topography and course of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, a waterway that curves like a giant... Read More

Book Review

The Scent of Empires

by Susan Waggoner

Karl Schlögel’s cultural history "The Scent of Empires" tells the story of two perfumes that permeated portions of the twentieth century. In 1913, French perfumers were commissioned to create a scent to celebrate 300 years of Romanov... Read More

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