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Book Review

That Lucky Old Son

by Susan Waggoner

For historians, World War II buffs, and veterans’ families, this book offers a unique take on world events at the micro level. "That Lucky Old Son" is not to be missed. Mark Cote’s moving and richly detailed biography "That Lucky Old... Read More

Book Review

The Pickwick Club Disaster

by Katie Hardy

This is an important work in Boston’s historical canon that even casual followers of the city’s rich and often tragic history will appreciate. John E. Keefe’s historical account of "The Pickwick Club Disaster" describes the horror... Read More

Book Review

Protest on Trial

by Joe Taylor

Americans who were of age in 1969–70 will remember the Chicago 7 trial of high-profile antiwar dissidents. Less familiar are the Seattle 7. In Seattle, a rally in support of the Chicago 7 defendants by the activist group SLF (the... Read More

Book Review

The Ghosts of Gombe

by Linda Thorlakson

Jane Goodall’s research center on the shores of a Tanzanian lake pulsates with the passions, perils, and promises of the 1960s in Dale Peterson’s "The Ghosts of Gombe". The book seeks to solve the mysterious disappearance of a... Read More

Book Review

The Merchant of Syria

by Jeff Fleischer

In "The Merchant of Syria", Diana Darke uses the true story of Abu Chaker, a cloth merchant who began his career in Syria before expanding into Lebanon and later the United Kingdom, as an entry point to discuss Syria and how it developed... Read More

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