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Book Review

The Ninth Session

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The Ninth Session" is a character-driven thriller in which a mental health professional goes to great lengths to protect her patient. Deborah Serani’s thriller "The Ninth Session" pits a psychologist against a secretive new patient... Read More

Book Review

Lucifer’s Gold

by Lisa Guidarini

"Lucifer’s Gold" is a smart, complex international spy thriller. Taut and spare, Robert W. Barker’s "Lucifer’s Gold" is an international espionage thrill ride. Peter Binder, a geologist whose background includes time as a SEAL and... Read More

Book Review


by Danielle Ballantyne

A science fiction epic set in a plausible future, "Pacifica" blends high-stakes technological warfare and humanistic philosophy. Richard C. Deason’s "Pacifica" is a science fiction epic set in a plausible future. Twenty years ago,... Read More

Book Review

The Life Giving Plant

by Delia Stanley

"The Life Giving Plant" is an adventure novel in which the ethical implications of humanity’s quest for money and immortality take center stage. In Naresh Devshi Parbat’s adventure novel "The Life Giving Plant", a businessman... Read More

Book Review


by Holly Jordan

"Passover" is a novel that powerfully reevaluates the evil choices individuals make, choices often disguised as solutions for the greater good. Jeff Yocum’s compelling novel "Passover" conveys the banality of evil and follows cycles of... Read More

Book Review


by Angela McQuay

Catherine Ryan Howard’s unique thriller "Rewind" begins when an Instagram star, Natalie’s, death is caught on video. It then rewinds to explain why Natalie was where she was, and who is responsible for her brutal murder. Natalie and... Read More

Book Review

APOK Derailed

by John M. Murray

"APOK Derailed" continues a blockbuster action trilogy with a sympathetic hero. A broken soldier grapples with morality and global safety in Michael Walton’s explosive action thriller "APOK Derailed". Colonel Miguel Mejia has taken a... Read More

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