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Book Review

Deadly Payload

by Gary Henry

A thriller set amid a public health emergency, "Deadly Payload" is full of compelling characters and suspense. A small-town bioterrorism nightmare springs to frightening life in Karen Randau’s vivid modern-day thriller and detective... Read More

Book Review

Tiger Farms

by Benjamin Welton

"Tiger Farms" is a heroic tale, an action story, and a morality play all in one—and thoroughly fun. The battle between the East and the West is an old canard. Matthew James’s debut novel "Tiger Farms" takes this old duel and injects... Read More

Book Review

Cade's Rebellion

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

Intelligent and lingering, Sheehy’s book is a look at a different kind of life just inside the Washington Beltway. Edward Sheehy’s Cade’s Rebellion is a smart, memorable story of clashing cultures. Jack Cade, a veteran of the war... Read More

Book Review

The Rice Thieves

by Benjamin Welton

"The Rice Thieves" has pretty much all you could ever want out of an action tale—love, violence, patriotism, and discussions about the importance of food production. "The Rice Thieves" is an international caper featuring what could be... Read More

Book Review

Sing for the Dead

by Angela Woltman

"Sing for the Dead" is a thrilling mystery that harks back to the glory days of pulp fiction. Packed with action and suspicious characters, Cynthia Drew’s satisfying "Sing for the Dead" is a hard-boiled mystery with nonstop twists. A... Read More

Book Review

Don't Believe It

by Joseph S. Pete

Don’t Believe It is a highly topical thriller, a work of pitched intrigue that follows a documentary filmmaker and crusading journalist, Sidney Ryan, who has exonerated several inmates convicted of murder. Sidney agrees to take up the... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

Adolescent Josh is not fond of his life in Sugar Creek, Illinois, a small town where not much happens. When he learns that his mother has been seeing his ex-stepfather again despite an order of no contact, things get worse. But then an... Read More

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