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Book Review

13 Days to Die

by Delia Stanley

In Matt Miksa’s political thriller "13 Days to Die", American and Chinese agents work together as a deadly virus threatens to cause worldwide devastation. Olen is used to working undercover in dangerous territories. But between the... Read More

Book Review

The Seven Doors

by Karen Rigby

In "The Seven Doors", Agnes Ravatn’s sinuous, taut Nordic noir, an academic pieces together the truth about her missing tenant’s past to arrive at a devastating conclusion. Sixty-one-year-old Nina faces the demolition of her beloved... Read More

Book Review

Mirror Lake

by Ho Lin

"Mirror Lake" might appear to be a mystery at first glance, but Andrée A. Michaud’s sometimes confounding, sometimes funny novel defies easy categorization. Recently relocated to an isolated lake in Maine, crotchety Robert and his dog... Read More

Book Review

Infinite Blues

by Erika Harlitz Kern

The fate of Earth hangs in the balance in Gerald Brennan’s alternate history novel "Infinite Blues". The year is 1968, and the Cold War is in a deep freeze. An astronaut arrives at a space station orbiting Earth. He is there on a... Read More

Book Review

Judgment at Alcatraz

by John M. Murray

In Dave Edlund’s breakneck thriller "Judgment at Alcatraz", a wandering ex-assassin becomes embroiled in a harrowing extremist plot to regain Native American lands. A peaceful protest group journeys to Alcatraz Island in the hopes of... Read More

Book Review

One Stupid Thing

by Klay Dyer

In the young adult mystery novel "One Stupid Thing", three teenagers believe they caused a fatal car accident on a Nantucket summer evening. Sophia, Trevor, and Jamie all have their lives change in dramatic ways after the accident. Their... Read More

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