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Book Review

The Things We Do

by Charlene Oldham

"The Things We Do" is much more than a murder mystery; it’s an examination of what constitutes freedom and confinement. Kay Pfaltz’s unconventional murder mystery "The Things We Do" insightfully explores the motives behind murder and... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

"Apart" is a soapy thriller packed with action scenes and spattered in blood. C. J. Pastore’s fast, dramatic thriller "Apart" follows a young couple who are menaced by a vengeful Russian gangster. With exciting scenes and stimulating... Read More

Book Review

Wine Runs Deep

by Eva Schegulla

The novel excels in its depiction of wine country and wine production. It’s set out in loving, exciting detail, with ample sensory elements. Patrick Ember’s "Wine Runs Deep" is part heist caper, part romance, and part redemption... Read More

Book Review

The China Connection

by Gary Henry

"The China Connection" is an enjoyable and plausible thriller set in interesting locations with plenty of twists and turns. Secrets, corruption, betrayals, and international intrigue force a retired detective to go outside the law and... Read More

Book Review

When the Rules Don't Apply

by Gary Henry

This mob thriller provides an all-too-realistic window into a frightening world. In Gerard Shirar’s riveting crime and legal thriller When the Rules Don’t Apply, law and order are just some of the casualties of a psychopathic hit... Read More

Book Review

Crooked Principles

by Brittney Decker

Cady’s stylized prose penetrates the darkest crevices of the imagination. Kevin Cady’s blood-drenched thriller Crooked Principles: Book Two of the Warren Files sends FBI agents Elijah Warren and Aurelia Blanc on a chilling... Read More

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