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Book Review

Echo of the Past

by Susan Waggoner

Absorbing, memorable, and moving, "Echo of the Past" is a fully imagined tale of lives caught in the jaws of history. The tragic and entwined histories of twentieth-century Russia and Germany are brought poignantly to life in in Polina... Read More

Book Review

The Shepherd's Calculus

by Amanda Adams

The novel thoroughly explores complex topics, including dated religious practices and systemic political corruption. Character-driven and fast-paced, The Shepherd’s Calculus by C. S. Farrelly is an explosive mystery thriller. The... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Breathe" is a fast-moving work of political intrigue that raises questions of leadership and loyalty. Mike Brogan’s "Breathe" is a suspenseful action novel that follows CIA and FBI agents as they try to unravel a terrorist plot.... Read More

Book Review

Where the Sun Shines Out

by Jon Arlan

This novel is as compelling as it is bitter, tragic, and heartrending. In the first gripping, gut-wrenching scenes of Kevin Catalano’s darkly beautiful "Where the Sun Shines Out", a kidnapping unfolds with clockwork efficiency and... Read More

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"Bulwark" is a spooky thriller—a melodrama with horrors and chills. Brit Lunden’s supernatural thriller "Bulwark" lifts the veil on eerie happenings in a small town. A year after the mysterious kidnapping of his daughter, Sheriff... Read More

Book Review

Restless Secrets

by Benjamin Welton

"Restless Secrets" is a well-wrought depiction of everyday life, even if that life is a little strange. "Restless Secrets" seamlessly weaves together three novellas about the lives of very different yet all very tough and durable women.... Read More

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