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Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Buddies" is a heartbreaking story about friendships forged in dark places and the psychological toll of war. Kip Cassino’s dramatic thriller "Buddies" follows fugitives from a society that they almost died to protect. Captain and... Read More

Book Review

The Storytellers

by Mari Carlson

Featuring an unrelenting search for more knowledge, regardless of the cost, "The Storytellers" is a vibrant, ghostly historical novel. In 1877, a year after the Battle of Little Bighorn, a team of soldiers and assistants returned to the... Read More

Book Review

Reclaiming Our Own

by Joseph S. Pete

Grand sacrifices made to protect others dominate this action-packed thriller. In Christopher Irons’s thriller "Reclaiming Our Own", military veterans go against a child kidnapping ring. When his toddler nephew is kidnapped, Brett, a... Read More

Book Review

Zero Percenters

by John M. Murray

"Zero Percenters" is philosophical science fiction—a novel take on what it means to be human. In Scott T. Grusky’s science fiction thriller "Zero Percenters", a young woman grapples with morality as humanity evolves into a digital... Read More

Book Review

The Dead Girls Club

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Damien Angelica Walters’s occult thriller "The Dead Girls Club", there are some childhood secrets that can’t be outgrown. When they were young, Heather and her best friend, Becca, were fascinated by all things dark and creepy.... Read More

Book Review

Forgiveness Dies

by Benjamin Welton

J. J. Hensley’s political thriller "Forgiveness Dies" boasts a unique private investigator, Trevor Galloway. Galloway, a former narcotics officer who survived an Eastern European drug gang’s torture, is back in Pittsburgh and needs... Read More

Book Review

The Ringmaster

by Angela McQuay

There’s a string of seemingly unrelated murders occurring in New Zealand, and it takes Vanda Symon’s sassy, smart detective Sam Shephard to tie them together. "The Ringmaster" is a multilayered, absorbing mystery that is full of... Read More

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