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Book Review

The Blue Ring Assassin

by Philip Zozzaro

With foci on retribution plots and spiritual developments, "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an emotional thriller. "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an exciting thriller about revenge, redemption, and soul searching. Following a hit-and-run... Read More

Book Review

Valiant Savage

by John M. Murray

Dave Edlund’s riveting action thriller, "Valiant Savage", blends history and science fiction as Peter Savage and his company perfect a technological weapon meant to lead to a paradigm shift on the battlefield. Things go awry when the... Read More

Book Review

The Butchers' Blessing

by Angela McQuay

In Ruth Gilligan’s rich historical drama The Butchers’ Blessing, ancient traditions clash with the forces of modernity. In the 1990s, Una is the daughter of a Butcher, one of eight men who tours the Irish countryside, catering to... Read More

Book Review

A Certain Hunger

by Claire Foster

In a culture that fetishizes male power, the heroine of "A Certain Hunger" is a rapacious, bloodthirsty monster—a perversion of every male fear. Dorothy is a food critic. She has exquisite taste and she hungers for new sensations. So... Read More

Book Review

Little Anton

by Wendy Hinman

Self-interest and economic distress fan the flames of conflict in Little Anton: Part 1: The First Earl of Pluckden. John W. Warner IV’s newly released boxed set of the book series "Little Anton" includes Parts One, Two, and Three, and... Read More

Book Review

After All

by Eileen Gonzalez

"After All" is a historical novel full of talented liars, alluring places, and plot points drawn from real life. In Robert Arthur Neff’s historical novel "After All", intrigue and romance collide in post-World War II South America.... Read More

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