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Book Review

Forests in the Sahara

by Joseph S. Pete

Enemies become allies as the sands shift in a novel that’s big on situational relativism. Paul Stidolph’s "Forests in the Sahara" moves from an original premise into a compelling tale of intrigue and danger. London-based professor... Read More

Book Review

The Torch Betrayal

by Katie Hardy

"The Torch Betrayal" is the best mix of genre standards from a fresh voice. Glenn Dyer’s "The Torch Betrayal" is a well-oiled novel of suspense. While it opens with a rash of overly descriptive adjectives, the story quickly takes over,... Read More

Book Review

Head On

by Joseph S. Pete

The book rings with authenticity, including when describing crime scenes, office politics, or a tragic attempt to collar a suspect in a bodega robbery. John Monaghan’s Head On: NYPD Takes On ISIS is an engaging thriller that’s... Read More

Book Review


by Meredith Hardwicke

A carefully drawn, interconnected cast of special agents and hired killers make "Sanction" a veritable chess game of intrigue. "Sanction" by William Hunter is a brisk international thriller set in a world where everyone’s on the run.... Read More

Book Review

Eye of the Moon

by Bradley A. Scott

Set in 1977, the novel has a timeless, eerie feeling. Wealth, family politics, and the occult make for a strangely captivating and exotic brew in Ivan Obolensky’s "Eye of the Moon". Wealthy playboy Johnny Dodge invites his childhood... Read More

Book Review

The Paymaster

by Benjamin Welton

"The Paymaster" is an exciting exploration of terrorism and counterterrorism, a twenty-first-century thriller done right. Adeed Dawisha’s fast-paced novel "The Paymaster" unites a former nationalist and an ambitious journalist to take... Read More

Book Review

Twisted Threads

by Brittney Decker

Lush, stimulating images bring this sexy thriller to life. Kaylin McFarren’s sultry thriller, "Twisted Threads", flaunts the glamorous pastimes of passengers on a lavish cruise ship where deadly intentions lurk, suspicious... Read More

Book Review

Dead Deal

by Gary Presley

This quick mystery holds closely to its classic underlying thesis: money can be poison in the wrong hands. In W. J. Evans’s zippy contemporary mystery "Dead Deal", the United States economy has hit a down cycle and the real estate... Read More

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