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Book Review

Aphrodite's Stand

by Anita Lock

Aphrodite’s Stand works across genre conventions, resulting in a romance novel with definite bite. An interracial couple is so enraptured with one another that they are blindsided by the unfolding sinister plans of others in Sandra... Read More

Book Review

The Big Get-Even

by Angela Woltman

In "The Big Get-Even", hard-boiled crime meets a crew of wise-cracking ex-cons. Just out of prison for scamming clients and stealing millions, Glen McClinton is trying to adjust to a life of poverty and ignominy. He’s found a somewhat... Read More

Book Review

The Boundless Sublime

by Hannah Hohman

A disturbing look into how grief makes you susceptible to being taken advantage of, "The Boundless Sublime" is the story of girl who attempts to overcome one tragedy by barreling headlong into another. Mere months after a travesty tears... Read More

Book Review

The Bone Curse

by Mya Alexice

Carrie Rubin’s "The Bone Curse" supplements the usual medical thriller storyline with elements of Vodou and the occult. The result is a polished, entertaining novel. Ben Oris is an endearing med student who leans heavily on science as... Read More

Book Review

Speed the Dawn

by Gary Presley

In Philip Donlay’s Speed the Dawn, a plausible catastrophe hits California, triggering a lightning pace of events. Billionaire philanthropist Donovan Nash has assembled the best scientific minds to tackle Earth’s environmental... Read More

Book Review

Deep Zero

by Gary Henry

"Deep Zero" distinguishes itself thanks to a powerful blend of vivid writing and legal insight. Facing situations from cyberbullying to murder, District Attorney Dana Hargrove has her work cut out for her in V. S. Kemanis’s compelling... Read More

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