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Book Review

Trails of the Soul

by Karen Rigby

"Trails of the Soul" is an empowering romance novel about second chances. A divorceé and recent empty nester find renewed purpose on a Colorado vacation in Karen D. Hamilton’s brisk romance novel about healing, "Trails of the Soul".... Read More

Book Review

Acts of Hope

by Delia Stanley

"Acts of Hope" is an ambitious, adventurous story of love and religious dedication set during the Inquisition. In Martin Elsant’s historical romance novel "Acts of Hope", the fight against the Inquisition threatens the future of... Read More

Book Review

The Art of Poet Philosopher

by Samantha Ann Ehle

Its style singular, the exuberant collection "The Art of Poet Philosopher" concerns righteousness, and its expressions captivate the senses. Concerned with virtuosity, Cortez Brasean’s semiautobiographical collection "The Art of Poet... Read More

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