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Book Review

Rehumanized Drew

by Laura Kemmerer

This engaging book with supernatural elements will capture young adult attention. K. M. Baginski’s "Rehumanized Drew" deals with themes of redemption, powerlessness, and overcoming the odds, resulting in a highly engaging, electric... Read More

Book Review

The Oarsman

by Gregory A. Lowe

"The Oarsman" is thoughtfully written and will be enjoyed by those who enjoy fantastic narratives that inspire self-reflection. "The Oarsman" by Zubin Mathai is a strong plot-driven novel with intriguing allegorical elements. With vivid... Read More

Book Review

A Higher Power

by Barbara Nickles

Dollars, dueling egos, and a little psychic intrigue make this a refreshing addition to the thriller genre. Action, intrigue, and globe-trotting plot twists make Daniel Davidsohn’s third thriller, "A Higher Power", an engaging and... Read More

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