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Book Review

Tink and Wendy

by Nancy Powell

In Kelly Ann Jacobson’s dark, contemporary retelling of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell’s unrequited love leads to bitter tragedy. Tink is a squatter at the abandoned Darling homestead. Peter Pan and Wendy are long dead, and Tink is a ghost... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Jessamyn Stanley is acclaimed for Every Body Yoga, which opened the practice to people of all shapes and sizes; her memoir, "Yoke", is intimate in recording how she discovered her true self. Tough yet sensitive to raw places in the soul,... Read More

Book Review

Everything Together

by Karen Rigby

Feeling like a third wheel during the summer, a teenager becomes a volunteer in Benjamin Klas’s Everything Together, a largehearted novel set within an LGBTQ+ family and in Minneapolis’s diverse neighborhoods. In this sequel,... Read More

Book Review

Honey Mine

by Michael Elias

Camille Roy’s rich literary collection "Honey Mine" features outcasts and shows what it’s like to live as one. In the book’s sixteen short entries (both prose and poetry pieces), the character who speaks is always named Camille.... Read More

Book Review

Talk to Me

by Jeana Jorgensen

In the sensitive contemporary romance novel "Talk to Me", a woman decides what she wants out of her second act. In Zoe Amos’s LGBTQ+ romance novel Talk to Me, a woman who’s separated from her husband forms a romantic attraction to... Read More

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