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Book Review

The Redshirt

by Ashley Holstrom

Corey Sobel’s magnificent debut novel, "The Redshirt", exposes the hypermasculinity of collegiate football as a freshman starts at a Division One school. Miles is younger and smaller than the rest of his teammates at King College.... Read More

Book Review

The Summer of Everything

by Karen Rigby

In Julian Winters’s perceptive young adult novel, "The Summer of Everything", a gay teenager is afraid of loving his best friend. In Santa Monica, Wes is an insecure, comic book-loving geek. He lives above an independent bookstore, and... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

Estranged siblings deal with their dying father, and each other, in Charles Lambert’s novel "Prodigal". Jeremy and Rachel have never been close. Rachel, always their father’s favorite, resents her mother and brother for abandoning... Read More

Book Review

The Wasteland

by Danielle Ballantyne

Strained from historical fact, "The Wasteland" is a fictionalized glimpse into the conflicted mind of T. S. Eliot. Starting with his time working in a bank and traveling to the publication of “The Waste Land,” the novel reads like a... Read More

Book Review

After Elias

by Linda Thorlakson

Eddy Boudel Tan’s debut novel "After Elias", whose climatic prologue is arresting, rides on a trajectory wherein every mystery solved begets a dozen more. Coen Caraway descends upon Isla de Espejos several days before his groom-to-be... Read More

Book Review

He’s Kinda Tall

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"He’s Kinda Tall" is an idealized novel about high school diversity in the 1960s. A boy’s sunny demeanor and artistic ability lead to him being tapped for a special project in Eldot’s novel "He’s Kinda Tall". Julian’s high... Read More

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