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Book Review

A Fish Called Bad Eyes

by Carol Davala

"A Fish Called Bad Eyes" is an entertaining story for young readers that imparts important ocean knowledge. In Larry Golicz’s imaginative tale "A Fish Called Bad Eyes", a bespectacled fish reveals his curiosity and caution as he... Read More

Book Review

Running on the Roof of the World

by Kara Hansen

The rebellious Tash and cautious Sam are 12-year-old best friends living in a world full of rules, all with the same goal: avoid confrontation with the Chinese soldiers occupying their country, Tibet. But their careful lives are... Read More

Book Review

You Gotta Have Heart

by Catherine Thureson

"You Gotta Have Heart" is a beautiful story, both sad and hopeful. Bruce Bernstein’s emotional "You Gotta Have Heart" follows a young boy who lives in a group home as he searches out his place in the world—and people he can share it... Read More

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