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Book Review

The Lost Ryū

by Ho Lin

In Emi Watanabe Cohen’s family-oriented fantasy novel The Lost Ryū, a boy, with his miniature dragon, comes to grips with past tragedies and forges ahead with optimism. Ten-year-old Kohei lives in Japan, where most people keep ryū,... Read More

Book Review

The Weird Sisters

by Peter Dabbene

Three witches team up with their new neighbor to solve local mysteries in Mark David Smith’s illustrated chapter book "The Weird Sisters". Hildegurp, Yuckmina, and Glubbifer, along with their cat, Graymalkin, are planning a move to... Read More

Book Review

The Adventures of Big Dog

by Vivian Turnbull

"The Adventures of Big Dog" is a fun chapter book in which siblings are determined to prove themselves ready for a pet. In Donald R. Draayer’s chapter book "The Adventures of Big Dog", siblings who yearn for a dog pet-sit for the first... Read More

Book Review

A Leaf for Bongani

by Karen Rigby

In the allegorical novella "A Leaf for Bongani", a young giraffe and his traveling herd work to sustain their hope, even as they meet with obstacles. The migration of a Congolese giraffe herd inspires a motivational allegory in Claire... Read More

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