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Book Review

A Mermaid's Journal

by Rebecca Monterusso

A Mermaid’s Journal is a sweet middle-grade fantasy in which mermaids live among us. In Melissa G. Goodmon’s middle-grade fantasy, A Mermaid’s Journal, a young mermaid writes about friendship, love, and being true to yourself.... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

Chad Morris and Shelly Brown’s "Squint" pulls off the seemingly impossible: it is an empathy-building novel with a message that’s fun to read. Thirteen-year-old Flint lives with his grandparents and wears special glasses that don’t... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Hohman

In Gail Donovan’s amusing "Finchosaurus", a young boy with a penchant for dinosaurs and adventure discovers a mysterious note. Atticus Finch Martin, nicknamed Finch, is rambunctious, with a dinosaur fascination and a one-track mind.... Read More

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