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Book Review

The Grove

by Laura Leavitt

"The Grove" is an entertaining middle grade mystery set in an era of adolescent freedom. Robert John Percy’s middle grade mystery novel "The Grove" is full of friendship and adventure, capturing a period when preteens had free rein in... Read More

Book Review

A Cat That Travels

by Carol Davala

"A Cat That Travels" is a fun, fact-filled family travel adventure for young readers. Jack McClellan’s lighthearted middle grade tale "A Cat That Travels" follows the adventures of an inquisitive kitten and her newly adoptive family... Read More

Book Review

Penguin Days

by Rebecca Monterusso

A lighthearted story, "Penguin Days" follows Lauren, who is on the autism spectrum. She sometimes misreads social cues, like not understanding why others laugh; she is not always included in groups. Still, Lauren is a rambunctious... Read More

Book Review

The Cottingley Fairies

by Drema Drudge

Writer and illustrator Ana Sender revisits a historical controversy in her charming children’s book "The Cottingley Fairies". Two young friends, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith, seek to rekindle adults’ belief in magic by taking... Read More

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