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Book Review


by Hannah Hohman

Writing is youthful yet complex, and includes wonderful descriptions of India. "Ahimsa" is the story of a young Indian girl, Anjali, whose mother has just joined 1942’s freedom movement, upending her whole world and changing her... Read More

Book Review

Hickory Doc's Tales

by Catherine Thureson

The book offers a rich landscape to explore, one that will be new and appealing to many children. Linda Harkey’s Hickory Doc’s Tales is full of adventure and mischief relayed from the perspective of animals. Its stories are silly and... Read More

Book Review

Oh Susannah

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

This book addresses relevant childhood concerns in a thoughtful and sensitive manner while maintaining a sense of fun. Sleepovers can be fun, exciting, and anticipated with delight … unless your name is Susannah and you are fairly... Read More

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