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Book Review

Love, Penelope

by Catherine Thureson

Penelope is a fifth-grader in Oakland, California. She loves basketball and her moms, and is excited that she will soon be a big sister. Her parents give her a journal to write all of her feelings in, and she decides to use the journal... Read More

Book Review

Icy the Iceberg

by Anita Lock

"Icy the Iceberg" is an appealing tale for young, inquisitive minds. One snowflake makes a transformational journey in Larry Friend’s "Icy the Iceberg". The story of Icy begins near Vancouver, Canada, where he becomes a snowflake. He... Read More

Book Review


by Carol Davala

Pearl’s subtle voice and demeanor command this narrative venture, whether from the darkness of a burial tomb or the tranquil view from a lakeside retreat. In Brian Kindall’s imaginative and artful fantasy "Pearl", a young girl carved... Read More

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