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Book Review

Calculus in 5 Hours

by Nancy Powell

Calculus in Five Hours is an excellent beginner’s guide to first semester calculus. Dennis Jarecke’s succinct version of a first semester, college-level calculus course, Calculus in Five Hours, contains useful tips and tricks for... Read More

Book Review

Tales of a Small-Town King

by Karen Rigby

"Tales of a Small-Town King" is a provocative story about a man forced to confront an ominous legacy. A lawyer questions his loyalty to his coal mining hometown of Shiloh, Kentucky in "Tales of a Small-Town King". Antony Takis Tsegellis... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"Benice" is an often enchanting work that harks back to seafaring adventures of days past. Metin Karayaka’s classically appealing middle grade adventure "Benice" is set in a fictional version of Yalova, a Turkish port city on the... Read More

Book Review

The Curing Room

by Savannah Dantona

Raw and disturbing, "The Curing Room" is a psychological thriller with an unforgettable twist. Michael Winn’s "The Curing Room" is a swift psychological thriller that delves into themes of mental illness, revenge, and healing. Ava is a... Read More

Book Review

Operation ARGUS

by Delia Stanley

This is a suspenseful tale whose descriptions of how military men reintegrate into civilian life are particularly authentic. Willy Mitchell’s dramatic suspense novel Operation Argus weaves true experiences and historic events into a... Read More

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