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Book Review

My Unsung Soul

by Joseph S. Pete

With its expansive takes on melancholia and romance, "My Unsung Soul" is a soulful and vivacious collection of poetry. Poet Derrick DerRon Holloway embarks on an inward journey through his book "My Unsung Soul", traveling a lengthy... Read More

Book Review

Deir Al Lauz

by Paige Van De Winkle

This beautiful allegorical novel highlights the heartrending issues of Palestinians and refugees with a magical style. "Deir Al Lauz", written by Lama Sakhnini and translated by Sabrina Sakhnini, is a harrowing and stylish novel that... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Williams

This dramatic thriller reveals many dark truths about the opioid crisis. Fueled by a murder mystery and a missing girl, Tom Collins’s page-turning thriller "Diversion" explores the opioid crisis and illegal drugs through myriad... Read More

Book Review

The Divinity Protocol

by Carolina Ciucci

"The Divinity Protocol" is thought-provoking science fiction that tackles haunting questions and works toward plausible answers. Berkeley and Kristin Johnson’s gripping speculative novel "The Divinity Protocol" explores the short- and... Read More

Book Review

The Gates of Sheol

by Claire Foster

This historically attentive narrative keeps its pace, resulting in a memorable, fierce novel with a strong Christian message. War is hell. As young Sergeant Stanley Mitchell discovers as he passes through the gates of the Confederate... Read More

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