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Book Review

Venom Flight

by John M. Murray

"Venom Flight" is an adventure story filled with violence, sex, romance, and humor. Alan E. Sutton’s powerful adventure story, "Venom Flight", trades between thrilling elements and wish-fulfilling world travels. Vietnam veteran John... Read More

Book Review

Rhyme Rhythm Reason

by Joseph S. Pete

"Rhyme Rhythm Reason" is a playful poetry collection—amusing and sometimes inspiring. Paul Drakeford’s Rhyme Rhythm Reason: More than Some of the Sum of My Poems puts a clever, witty, and poetic spin on the three Rs. This brief... Read More

Book Review

Atlas of Men

by Delia Stanley

Well-rounded and dramatic, "Atlas of Men" dives into deep and controversial subjects. David Sklar’s compelling novel "Atlas of Men" is based on real-life events, and is filled with surprises and complex relationship dynamics. Robert... Read More

Book Review

Burn Up

by Anita Lock

"Burn Up" is a gripping thriller from beginning to end. A mysterious death at Burning Man evolves into a maddening rabbit chase of an investigation in Joe Klingler’s Burn Up. Qigiq, an Alaskan gumshoe, and his sexy sidekick, Kandy,... Read More

Book Review

Molly Goes Camping

by Carol Davala

"Molly Goes Camping" is a sweet and entertaining tale for young readers about a rambunctious, fun-loving, inquisitive dog. Janice McAlpine’s delightful picture book "Molly Goes Camping" follows a family on an outing with their... Read More

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