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Book Review

Redemption Song

by John M. Murray

Ambitious in scope but centered on relationships, "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful work of science fiction. Henry A. Burns’s "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful, action-packed work of science fiction that ushers humanity into a new era... Read More

Book Review

Heartstrings in B-flat Minor

by John M. Murray

Slow, methodical pacing, punctuated by flashbacks, bring the novel’s eeriness forth. Scott Johnson’s erotic thriller "Heartstrings in B-flat Minor" focuses on a charismatic doctor as he ensnares his latest target. Sheryl Taylor, a... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

Driver’s heartfelt, often funny, story will be sympathetic to today’s college graduates as they also struggle to find meaningful work. Christopher J. Driver’s memoir "Hardbarned!" is poignant and self-deprecating, about the college... Read More

Book Review

Uncle Cheroot

by Mya Alexice

Uncle Cheroot is alluring, surrounded by mystery and enlivened by his supernatural attributes. In Alan Jansen’s fantastical novel "Uncle Cheroot", a young woman aims to discover who she is by unraveling her uncle’s supernatural... Read More

Book Review

My Pen Pal Ien

by A. J. O'Connell

"My Pen Pal Ien" is a clever book, part science fiction and part humor. Glynn Green’s science fiction novella "My Pen Pal Ien" explores the nature of time and destiny through the tradition of childhood pen pals. Dyrain is a... Read More

Book Review

Revelations of Chaos

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Fury’s is an elaborate fantasy adventure with depth, spirit, and extraordinary heroes. In a land of magic and illusion that is inhabited by warring clans of men and beasts, an ancient legend of light and darkness unfolds. Rise of the... Read More

Book Review


by Joseph S. Pete

"Unremarkable" is a thrilling gangland drama that reveals unexpected supernatural depths. "Unremarkable", a thriller written by Tangent Games cofounders Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee, blends genres to tell an enthralling story about an... Read More

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