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Book Review

Better Days

by Drema Drudge

"Better Days" is a bighearted, wry, and tender novel that focuses on love and loyalty. Len Joy’s "Better Days" is an attention-grabbing crime story in which unexpected upheavals result in welcome second chances. What’s the penalty... Read More

Book Review

Ever Alice

by Edith Wairimu

"Ever Alice" is an enthralling take on a classic story. H. J. Ramsay’s young adult fantasy "Ever Alice" is an intriguing reinvention of Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the Looking-Glass. Here, Alice finds herself confined to an asylum... Read More

Book Review

Butterfly Hill

by Delia Stanley

"Butterfly Hill" is an action-packed suspense novel that is fresh in its plays on history and mythology. Brendan le Grange’s compelling adventure novel "Butterfly Hill" blends history with engaging characters. Hiko is an art thief with... Read More

Book Review

Saving Nova

by John M. Murray

"Saving Nova" is a character-driven science-fiction adventure. Luis Martinez’s engaging postapocalyptic novel "Saving Nova" kickstarts a new series with fascinating characters. Over a century after a nuclear war all but wiped out... Read More

Book Review

No Straight Thing

by John M. Murray

Ultimately heartwarming despite its macabre circumstances, "No Straight Thing" is an engrossing historical mystery. In F. Nelson Smith’s character-driven novel, "No Straight Thing", a murder mystery connects a war veteran and a young... Read More

Book Review

Great Lakes Chronicle

by Anna Call

"Great Lakes Chronicle" is a useful and thorough record of the major projects undertaken on the coasts of Wisconsin. "Great Lakes Chronicle" collects short essays, primarily detailing environmentally-oriented projects centered on the... Read More

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