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May 2021

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2021.

Book Review

Athlete for Hire

by Joseph S. Pete

In the fantastical novel "Athlete for Hire", a college sports wunderkind is approached to play on three separate professional teams at one time. Lou Saulino’s rollicking novel "Athlete for Hire" is about a professional athlete who... Read More

Book Review

Secrets & Lies

by Carolina Ciucci

Introducing an exciting new heroine, Secrets & Lies is a gripping mystery novel about a paralegal’s quest for justice. In L. C. Rooney’s gratifying mystery novel Secrets & Lies, a freelance paralegal is forced to take on an... Read More

Book Review

All Alone

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

In the sympathetic novel "All Alone", a tenth grader persists through multiple tough challenges. In Russ Thompson’s direct, accessible novel "All Alone", a vulnerable teenager contends with loneliness, as well as persistent school and... Read More

Book Review


by Aleena Ortiz

Covering decades’ worth of medical research, "Oncoviruses" is a thorough scientific review. Abubakar Yaro’s "Oncoviruses" is comprehensive in reviewing past medical studies of a subset of cancer-causing viruses. Oncoviruses, Yaro... Read More

Book Review

Searching For Clarity

by Michele Sharpe

The emotions and experiences of a bereaved spouse are at the center of the concise, elegant poetry collection Searching for Clarity. Gene Zimmerman’s poetry collection Searching for Clarity explores the nuances of grief in spare,... Read More

Book Review

Mama Gaia

by Kristine Morris

"Mama Gaia" is a sensitive, instructive early reader that covers spiritual concepts, among which love takes the prime position. Sahara Mirpuri’s lovely early reader "Mama Gaia" imparts profound spiritual principles in a gentle manner.... Read More

Book Review

Pips in the Wind

by Edith Wairimu

The imaginative short stories of "Pips in the Wind" are charming, faith based, and lesson filled. Catherine Wood’s whimsical and allegorical short story collection "Pips in the Wind" concerns the fruits of the Holy Spirit; it also... Read More

Book Review

Time of Ends

by John M. Murray

Biting social and political commentary marks "Time of Ends", a provocative thriller led by a grieving man. In Geoff Robberts’s thriller "Time of Ends", a grandfather kills an outspoken political pundit and sparks a revolution. After... Read More

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