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February 2020

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2020.

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Book Review

God Will Provide

by Edith Wairimu

Insightful and heartfelt, Len Mac Lellan’s poetry collection reflects upon even difficult moments with inspiring gratitude. Len Mac Lellan’s endearing narrative poetry collection, "God Will Provide", is centered on history, faith,... Read More

Book Review

Arnold Falls

by Karen Rigby

"Arnold Falls" is a cozy small-town novel populated by eccentric characters. Charlie Suisman’s lighthearted novel "Arnold Falls" focuses on a New York village’s mayoral race. Named for Benedict Arnold, sister city to Romania’s... Read More

Book Review

Giacomo's Daughter

by Eileen Gonzalez

The first in a trilogy, Giacomo’s Daughter is a satisfying mystery with plenty of conflict and a killer final line. The brutalized wife of a ruthless gangster takes matters into her own hands in Rosanna and Diana Savone’s historical... Read More

Book Review

A Peculiar Peace

by Karen Rigby

"A Peculiar Peace" is an adventure-filled historical romance set on a marriage of like minds. In Lori Hart Beninger’s historical novel, A Peculiar Peace, rising abolitionism and romance are set against a volatile antebellum backdrop.... Read More

Book Review

The Pinebox Vendetta

by Benjamin Welton

"The Pinebox Vendetta" is a genre-bending thriller about the world’s worst kind of people. Jeff Bond’s "The Pinebox Vendetta" is a political thriller about a reignited family feud, a cold case murder, and the American elite. The two... Read More

Book Review

Penelope Windpipes

by Ian Dailey

"Penelope Windpipes" contains an important life lesson on the benefits of children controlling their tempers. In Heather S. Lonczak’s "Penelope Windpipes", a young girl discovers how different life can be when approached from a calm... Read More

Book Review

Blowback ‘94

by Hope Hills

Blowback ’94 is a satisfying time travel adventure made more tantalizing because of the friendships, love, and loss that it features. In Brian Meehl’s dynamic time travel novel Blowback ’94, a family legend is wrapped up. Twins... Read More

Book Review

Just So

by Matt Sutherland

Certain renowned figures are difficult to characterize, a fact that speaks to their diverse interests, ingenuity, and unique ability to gain and maintain influence across large swaths of society. Brilliance helps, no doubt, but more... Read More

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