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April 2018

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2018.

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Book Review

No Straight Thing

by John M. Murray

Ultimately heartwarming despite its macabre circumstances, "No Straight Thing" is an engrossing historical mystery. In F. Nelson Smith’s character-driven novel, "No Straight Thing", a murder mystery connects a war veteran and a young... Read More

Book Review

Baby Snakes

by Susan Waggoner

"Baby Snakes" is an original take on the Raj, full of wry humor, strong characters, and evocative descriptions that linger. Full-bodied characters and a darkly comedic narrative voice combine in Demarest Campbell’s "Baby Snakes", a... Read More

Book Review

Charlie's Kid

by Mari Carlson

Honest and unvarnished, Charlie’s Kid is a story in the best sense of the word, pulsing with lessons born from difficult experiences and told out of love, not for glory. From sea to shining sea, and from crushing to smile-inducing,... Read More

Book Review

Betty Saves the Mob

by Tia Smith

"Betty Saves the Mob" is a lushly illustrated, high-tension picture book. In Kira Brettschneider’s dark and unique picture book "Betty Saves the Mob", Betty is a brave sheep. The farmers rarely check on her mob, as they have abundance... Read More

Book Review

by Mya Alexice

Cecilia Cetateanu’s atmospheric, concrete verses are comfortable in their own ambiguity, beats, and style. Cecilia Cetateanu’s rhythmic, dynamic poetry collection is atmospheric and spiritual, delving into broad, metaphysical... Read More

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