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May 2, 2017

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2, 2017. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in May 2017.

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

"Eden" is an atmosphere-rich, thoroughly satisfying story of family connections. Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg’s "Eden" is an inviting and cozy family saga, the perfect book to settle in to. Being a widow is tough enough, but even tougher... Read More

Book Review

The Conquest of Cancer

by Katerie Prior

Kalina compellingly argues on behalf of an underutilized cancer treatment in his persuasive new work. In "The Conquest of Cancer", Vladimir Kalina provides insight into a controversial therapy that may provide a less intrusive treatment,... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

Hamilton invites readers of every stripe to apply the lessons he learned along Moses’s path in their own daily lives. In Moses: In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet, pastor Adam Hamilton investigates “the single most important... Read More

Book Review

Mothers and Other Strangers

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

All her life, Elsie Robins has had mysterious dreams of South Africa, a fire, and the death of her beloved nanny. Suddenly, the dreams are worse than ever although she’s thousands of miles and several decades past those early days.... Read More

Book Review

Trusting Grace

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Brendan smartly uses the West and the aftermath of the Civil War in this charming romance and interesting piece of historical fiction. Corinthians claims love is gentle, kind, and patient, but sometimes, getting to that love can be... Read More

Book Review

Punk Avenue

by Claire Foster

Marcade’s stories surprise and delight, reviving an influential, exciting moment in American culture. The brief, insane explosion of the punk scene in 1970s New York has fascinated people ever since and left a lasting impression on... Read More

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