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May 2017

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2017.

Book Review

The Penitent :Part II

by Jeremiah Rood

The Penitent: Part II is a thrilling religious fantasy set in a future when Jesus has been forgotten, but is about to come roaring back. A. Keith Carreiro’s exciting religious fantasy The Penitent: Part II imagines a world wherein... Read More

Book Review

Dreams Truth Secrets

by Jeremiah Rood

"Dreams Truth Secrets" is a philosophical novel that bets on big ideas about money, power, and what matters in life. Orlando Rivera’s introspective novel "Dreams Truth Secrets" uses fables to trace a path from devastation to... Read More

Book Review

A Mermaid's Journal

by Rebecca Monterusso

A Mermaid’s Journal is a sweet middle-grade fantasy in which mermaids live among us. In Melissa G. Goodmon’s middle-grade fantasy, A Mermaid’s Journal, a young mermaid writes about friendship, love, and being true to yourself.... Read More

Book Review

At Death's Door

by Susan Waggoner

These stories are certain to make those dealing with terminal illness feel less alone. At Death’s Door by Sebastian Sepulveda and Gini Graham Scott provides practical and compassionate insights for health-care professionals, as well as... Read More

Book Review

Small Moving Parts

by Amy O'Loughlin

"Small Moving Parts" is an emotive, atmospheric, and memorable tour de force. Not to be missed. In 1958, on a summer’s night in Bufort, Texas, two strangers’ destinies collide. Harley Cain, an ill WWI veteran and rancher, and Dodger... Read More

Book Review

The Quantum Cop

by Gary Henry

"The Quantum Cop" is a clever, fast-paced, and entertaining work of science fiction. An opportunistic college student learns the earth-shaking secret to altering reality, and now it’s up to newbie physics professor Madison Martin to... Read More

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