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December 2016

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published December 2016.

Book Review

Table Five

by Emily Kubal

"Table Five" is an exciting work of suspense and adventure. Sally Long’s "Table Five" is a thrilling crime drama full of unexpected surprises as it moves from a restaurant in New York to the black market in Eastern Europe. Courageous... Read More

Book Review

Pittsburgh to Cadiz

by Joe Taylor

In its honesty, this account of a quest for adventure and self-realization will attract those on similar paths. Mitchell Phillips McCrady’s musing memoir, From Pittsburgh to Cadiz, captures vibrant scenes thanks to fine writing.... Read More

Book Review

The Paymaster

by Benjamin Welton

"The Paymaster" is an exciting exploration of terrorism and counterterrorism, a twenty-first-century thriller done right. Adeed Dawisha’s fast-paced novel "The Paymaster" unites a former nationalist and an ambitious journalist to take... Read More

Book Review

The Good Hike

by Melissa Wuske

"The Good Hike" is an open, honest memoir that will serve as a welcome companion for those facing past trauma. The Good Hike: A Story of the Appalachian Trail, Vietnam, PTSD, and Love by Tim Keenan is an engaging memoir about a physical... Read More

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