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November 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2015.

Book Review

Tables Turned

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Tables Turned" is a historical novel that raises many interesting “what if” questions regarding the fate of the Confederacy and the United States after the Civil War. In Gerald W. Shaw’s historical novel "Tables Turned", a... Read More

Book Review

The Moreva of Astoreth

by Susan Waggoner

Detailed world-building and a dynamic heroine make this fantasy novel stand out. Roxanne Bland’s "The Moreva of Astoreth" adds elements of alien worlds, living gods, adventure, and a heroine with depth to deliver a thoroughly... Read More

Book Review


by Melissa Wuske

"Survival" is a detailed account of one man’s simple and powerful pursuit of meaning amid the horrors of life in a prison camp. Survival: My Father’s War as an Air Force Gunner and POW by Barbara Trendos is an epistolary-style... Read More

Book Review

A Mansion on the Moon

by Vernieda Vergara

Despite its tragic opening, the novel soars to dramatic heights as it illustrates that love can indeed conquer all. C. Sablan Gault weaves an emotional tale about the enduring human spirit in her multigenerational saga, "A Mansion on the... Read More

Book Review

A Mania of Love

by Meagan Logsdon

This is an introspective, magnetic foray into Greek culture and history. "A Mania of Love" by J. N. Pratley is an introspective foray into the history and philosophy of ancient Greece via the life of one of its poets. Clarence is a... Read More

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