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November 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2015.

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Book Review

El Reino del Terror

by Kristine Morris

Part historical text and part political thriller frightening in its reality, "El Reino del Terror" presents a wealth of information on a tormented era in Latin America’s history. El Reino del Terror: Un caso insólito vivido durante el... Read More

Book Review

The Wallenstein Testament

by Gary Presley

"The Wallenstein Testament" has all the ingredients of an enjoyable crime caper—a rapid-paced narrative, a wacky premise, and a quirky protagonist. "The Wallenstein Testament", Carlo Caldana’s San Francisco-set comic crime caper, is... Read More

Book Review

Wild Eggs

by Catherine Reed-Thureson

"Wild Eggs" tells the story of Akuluk, a young girl visiting her grandparents in the Arctic north. She is sure that the trip will be boring, but finds that her grandparents have a lot to teach her when she goes to gather wild eggs with... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

This historical novel draws on its own sense of time and place to re-create first-century Galilee in vivid detail. The first century of the Common Era springs to vivid life in Anne McGivern’s accomplished and engrossing novel, Danya: A... Read More

Book Review

A Time to Act

by Barbara Nickles

This is an intriguing attempt to explore Paul’s many distinct personality traits, as a man at turns masterful, vengeful, proud, hateful, and brilliant. In S. J. Knight’s "A Time to Act", the life of the apostle Paul is chronicled... Read More

Book Review

One Man's Purpose

by Maya Fleischmann

This illuminating novel focuses on an academic who struggles to maintain a balance between his work and home lives. One Man’s Purpose is Stephen D. Senturia’s illuminating story of a college professor who must reconcile the... Read More

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