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October 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2015.

Book Review

Code Name: Zeus

by Aimee Jodoin

This ideologically libertarian historical novel follows immigrants who become millionaires, believing that people can work together to change the world. Spanning the entirety of the twentieth century, Gary Andersen’s historical novel... Read More

Book Review

Cloud of Expectation

by Philip J. Kowalski

"Cloud of Expectation" is a sophisticated yet approachable collection of poems. Mike Westphal’s "Cloud of Expectation" collects lyric and prose poems that recall the author’s childhood and ancestral past. A vibrant speaker connects... Read More

Book Review

Safe Haven of Jesus

by Jeremiah Rood

Safe Haven is a challenging inspirational book that imparts some exciting ideas. Steve Turnwald’s unconventional faith development book "Safe Haven of Jesus" has a strong mystical edge. Safe Haven is an organized compilation of three... Read More

Book Review

Santa's Sleigh-Train

by Kelly Thunstrom

Santa’s Sleigh-Train is a sweet story starring all of your favorite Christmas characters. Both the young and young at heart will love this spirited tale. When Rudolph is sick, can Christmas presents still get to all the good little... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

Economist Bryson argues that, although socialism may have a black eye, it’s not going anywhere soon, making this an always timely read. Phillip J. Bryson’s "Socialism" works to explain the birth, popularization, decline, and... Read More

Book Review

Lessons Learned

by Allison Butler

Sherman accomplishes his task of entertaining and teaching at the same time, all while remaining humble, honest, and forthright. Heartfelt, intriguing, amusing, and at times truly unbelievable, Brian Scott Sherman’s autobiography,... Read More

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