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September 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2015.

Book Review

A World Diverse II

by Renate Childs

The eloquent language and thoughtful subjects of the poems are made prevalent. "A World Diverse II" by David Edmond is a thoughtful and passionate collection of poems that explores the most universal of life’s experiences. The work... Read More

Book Review

Words to Live

by Jessica Mehta

"Words to Live" is an aptly named collection of inspiration and life analysis, with a generous seasoning of love and warmth. In "Words to Live", Dan Semenoff crafts poetry that’s accessible to all audiences without relying heavily on... Read More

Book Review

The Millennial Reincarnations

by Lisa Butts

"The Millennial Reincarnations" is daring and strikingly original. In "The Millennial Reincarnations", the first installment of The Millennial Trilogy, a father wrestles with grief after the death of his teenage daughter, and a group of... Read More

Book Review

South of Everything

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Memphis minister Audrey Taylor Gonzalez’s first novel, "South of Everything", is a quintessentially Southern Bildungsroman that focuses on a young girl in postwar Tennessee as she navigates the spaces between black and white, the... Read More

Book Review

Is There Room?

by Amanda McCorquodale

This inclusive Christmas story focuses on a central message: the welcoming nature of the baby Jesus. Is There Room?: A Welcoming Christmas Nativity Story is a rhyming picture book about the birth of Jesus authored and illustrated by two... Read More

Book Review

Desert City Diva

by John M. Murray

Fayman’s Rolly is a weird, but welcome, addition to the pantheon of literary PIs. "Desert City Diva" by Corey Lynn Fayman is the third wonderfully weird entry in the Rolly Waters saga, a fresh take on the classic detective story with... Read More

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