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A World Diverse II

See Comes Between (B) and (D)

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The eloquent language and thoughtful subjects of the poems are made prevalent.

A World Diverse II by David Edmond is a thoughtful and passionate collection of poems that explores the most universal of life’s experiences.

The work delves into the poetry of life’s ups and downs, and into the people who make them bearable and worthwhile. Structures, subjects, and language are used to evoke emotion. It’s an intelligent, cohesive collection with a uniform style and structure.

Each poem is written in free verse, with loose meter and subtle rhythm. Stanzas are short and approachable, and the eloquent language and thoughtful subjects of the poems are made prevalent. The collection is separated into thematic parts such as “The Working Life,” “Guardians of Our Freedom,” and “Tributes.” Each section begins with a brief introduction of its theme.

The poems employ metaphors to draw out their central themes. In “Onward ever onward,” a vivid tree-of-life metaphor runs throughout, though it is undermined by the opening metaphor of “the road of life.” “Our foundation, our strength” compares a life to a house while discussing the importance of foundations: “And like our houses, we must be / of similar construction. / Our foundation is laid during our childhood days.” The poem vacillates between identifying the foundation as a person’s childhood and as their beliefs and values; such mixed and inconsistent metaphors confuse otherwise impactful work.

Language veers into sweeping generalizations, utilizing, for example, the royal “we” while discussing more individual achievements and career goals. Blanket statements about humanity sometimes move into vague anecdotes that are emotional but lack satisfactory depth. Thematic threads can dissipate to the point where one poem comes to feel like two.

Subjects vary from opinions to observations on life to personal experiences. The poems that focus on personal narratives are raw and poignant, as when “Who are they?” passionately explores the violent range of emotions brought forth by the tragedy of war. A blend of anger, sadness, and fear, the poem also ably conveys pride in and awe at the sacrifices of those who have fallen.

With similar strength, “I was there” exposes the pain surrounding the narrator’s wife’s illness; it is emotional, empathetic, and sweet: “Again you cried / in disbelief and in despair. / And when you cried for help, / I was there.” The staccato rhythm of the verse reflects the pain eminent throughout the poem.

A World Diverse II is a relatable collection of stylized poetry that embodies a range of themes.

Reviewed by Renate Childs

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