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April 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2015.

Book Review

Guardian of Deceit

by Susan Waggoner

Through the tumult caused by those around him, Darwin seems able to maintain his innate goodness. In "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles, sixteen-year-old orphan Darwin Hastings finds himself—and his enormous trust... Read More

Book Review

Tor's Lake

by Kristine Morris

Jennifer Mason’s Tor’s Lake is a deep dive into a dark, secret, and distorted world that holds glimmers of light at its heart. Dominatrix Elizabeth Cromwell is skilled in the use of whips, canes, and switches, when requested and... Read More

Book Review

Visions of Glory

by Amanda Adams

"Visions of Glory" is an encouraging exploration of the power of the human spirit and the ways in which faith can inspire existence. Timothy Etoori’s Christian poetry collection "Visions of Glory" is both inspirational and... Read More

Book Review

Truth Evolves

by Felicia Topp

This challenging and enlightening work argues that truth should be adaptable and examines how humans arrive at “truths” over time. In "Truth Evolves", Dustin Arand displays finesse with handling dense topics, and his work offers... Read More

Book Review

Joey Visits Grandpa

by Kelly Thunstrom

Children will have fun coming up with solutions to Grandpa’s problems and comparing them with Joey’s. From the fish tank to the freezer, Joey never knows where he’s going to find Grandpa’s glasses next! Patricia Nichvolodoff’s... Read More

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