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January 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2015.

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Book Review

Symphonies of Life

by Randy Radic

"Symphonies of Life" is a wonderful spiritual undertaking that provides food for the soul. Eman Abid’s new volume of poetry, "Symphonies of Life", avoids the pitfalls of linguistic obscurity through simple, direct, and comprehensible... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

This body-positive alternative to Fifty Shades will leave readers begging for more. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, S&M erotica currently enjoys a certain level of acceptability in the mainstream. Fortunately for those who find the... Read More

Book Review


by Julia Ann Charpentier

A dragon and a human fall in love in this incredible fantasy tinged with symbolism. In a mythical kingdom, passionate love between a young man and a female dragon transcends the ordinary romantic fling. Enter an incredible fantasy that... Read More

Book Review

The Gamers

by Stephanie Bucklin

"The Gamers" presents a dystopian world for more mature audiences eager to explore issues of technological control. In this science fiction thriller, thirteen-year-olds Libby and Kem “untether” from their virtual reality lives and... Read More

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