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April 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2014.

Book Review

Visions of Light

by Peter Dabbene

"Visions of Light" is a brilliant book in several senses of the word—a unique collection of innovative, luminous images along with poetry from a variety of voices and fascinating technical insights on the photographic process. Raymond... Read More

Book Review

City of Cards

by Claire Foster

With tension running high throughout, "City of Cards" is a satisfying, nerdy thriller. "City of Cards", Joel Sacks’s modern, tech-flavored thriller is fast paced and detailed, incorporating realistic elements that make the threat at... Read More

Book Review

In Shadows

by Maya Fleischmann

This fast-paced mystery lays the groundwork for a promising series. The lives of two brothers, two young women, and a ruthless man with a mysterious past and a murderous mission intersect with deadly results in this mystery. Roth Braun... Read More

Book Review

For the Record

by Melissa Wuske

Tolle provides a compelling and entertaining behind-the-scenes look at making it in the music business. For the Record: A Musical Odyssey, by Don Tolle, is an honest, entertaining memoir of a life spent in music. While some musicians are... Read More

Book Review


by J. G. Stinson

Murder is never pretty. "Headcase" is an admirable depiction of just how ugly it can get, and what can lead some people to kill. Marc Rosenberg kicks aside stereotypical notions of mental illness in "Headcase", choosing instead to... Read More

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