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September 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2013.

Book Review

Love's Reflections

by Rebecca Foster

With its rare dual focus on the throes of romance and the acrimony of a breakup, this collection is a reminder that all relationships have a shadow side. In his poetry collection Love’s Reflections, Ian Harding contrasts the emotional... Read More

Book Review

The Monarchs

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Coates offers invaluable insight into the trials and triumphs of living with cancer. An Aztec legend says the souls of the recently departed are embodied in the millions of monarch butterflies that, like Robert and Sharon, migrate... Read More

Book Review

Murder Once Removed

by Beth VanHouten

Captivating with its spiraling story line, "Murder Once Removed" is sure to excite and entertain any seasoned murder mystery reader. An exciting whodunit, Roz Russell’s "Murder Once Removed" is a roller coaster of a mystery, with... Read More

Book Review

Dust in the Wind

by Eric Anderson

This imaginative dystopian thriller tackles present-day problems as it ventures to Mars and back. In "Dust in the Wind", William A. Hutchison explores a dystopian future beset by the effects of severe climate change. With few options... Read More

Book Review

Man from the East

by Jill Allen

The wounds these lovers unwittingly self-inflict deepen this story of an interreligious relationship. Mohsen El-Guindy’s compelling second novel, "Man from the East", explores the differences between Western capitalism and Eastern... Read More

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