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September 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 2013.

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Book Review

Barely Breathing

by Lynn Evarts

Ethical questions give depth to the characters in this fascinating, gruesome mystery. Jake Wood travels to Los Angeles to visit his cousin, but when he arrives, she is nowhere to be found. In this engaging mystery, "Barely Breathing",... Read More

Book Review

These Can't Be Choices

by Chris Henning

Engaging dialogue propels this story forward and reveals character as well as mystery. Reconciliation, redemption, and reparation are among the motifs Cori Cooper Di Biase threads throughout his debut novel, These Can’t Be Choices, but... Read More

Book Review

Currure Spatium

by Michelle Anne Schingler

With jaunty and engaging moments, "Currure Spatium" is a well-mapped commentary on an undesirable potential future. Christian Ytteborg’s tongue-in-cheek debut novel, "Currure Spatium", presents a future universe in which a rogue,... Read More

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