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July 13, 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 13, 2010. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in July 2010.

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

"Dracula" is not the first story about a vampire, but it is arguably the most famous and it is certainly the foundation for the popularity of vampires today. Adaptations and re-imaginings of the story are numerous, but most do not... Read More

Book Review

Bamboo People

by Alicia Sondhi

Chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection and included on IndieBound’s Summer 2010 Kid’s Indie Next List, "Bamboo People" is remarkable in its honest, poignant exploration of the everyday people involved in the conflict in Burma.... Read More

Book Review


by Angela Leeper

The recently established International Thriller Writers organization decided to compile a list of 100 thrillers that have a made an impact on literature; the result is this dynamic anthology of essays by Steve Berry, Heather Graham,... Read More

Book Review

Put 'em Up

by Teresa Scollon

“Canning is the new knitting circle,” claims Vinton, and if that is so, the benefits are many. Not only do home-preserved foods taste better than store-bought, they also maximize quality, minimize the use of chemical preservatives,... Read More

Book Review


by Barry Silverstein

The generation of new ideas is the engine that drives successful businesses. Nowhere is this principle more obvious than in online services such as Google and Facebook, and products like Apple’s iPhone and iPad. "Coolfarming" presents... Read More

Book Review

We're Getting On

by Michael Beeman

The three nearly-connected stories in James Kaelan’s debut collection are remarkable for their surreality, bleakness, and linguistic acrobatics. Alone, each story comments on the nature of storytelling, from the desire to escape... Read More

Book Review

In the Eyes, In the Mouth

by Jessica Henkle

Eccentric personalities abound in Adrienne Ross’s debut short story collection, "In the Eyes, In the Mouth". The title hints at what the writing shows—Ross doesn’t shy away from sensory details, but rather, she reveals who her... Read More

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